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  • Two days ago I updated from WP 3.8.3 to WP 3.9 during the construction of a new WP site. After this update when I opened the Home Page (or now any Page) the menu/nav bar, which always worked properly under the 3.8.3, now has within each menu item (primary and secondary/drop down items) repeated a “Home” page five times in a row. And, then, each of the other individual 16 pages are repeated five times in a row also.

    The remainder of the site appears to survived the update.

    I do not see any other AP Forum member references to this occurrence over the past few weeks since 3.9 became available. Any thoughts on how to correct this glitch. I have done the standard thing of uninstalling all plugins, and then reinstating each plugin individually.

    The web affected WP site is: .

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  • I have some issue with my blog but now it’s okey ! i have done something like:
    + Disable all plugin, if issue aready there, than:
    + Disable curent theme, and active default theme, if not resolve, then:
    + Backup term table and post table in the database, then fresh install 3.9, after that using backup file to restore content, or:
    Backup using XML export in Admin, then do the same !

    Good luck my friend !

    I have the same problem since installing 3.9.2. I tried to change from the current theme to either Twenty Fourteen or Brownline. When I installed and activate Brownline, it showed an extra “home” (total 2). I then changed to Twenty Fourteen. There were no extra “home” items on the menu bar. When I went back to the current format, it had an extra “home (total 2). And, when I reactivate Brownline, I get a total of 3 “home” items on the menu bar. When I open the “Menus” page, it shows me multiple “Home”, but gives no options to delete any of them or otherwise modify the menu display. On the “Most Recent” tab, it lists Home twice. On the “View All” tab it lists home 3 times, which is what displays when I try to activate the Brownline theme. I have already deactivated all the new plugins, and deleted all the newly added themes. The problem persists. How do I fix this?

    The web site URL is
    (That is the Blog page.)

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