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    I am building a new website for a company using the Shoreditch theme and everything looks fantastic; however, I finally tested the website in Internet Explorer and a couple things went wrong. 1: The menu bar at the top totally disappears. 2: The sidebar automatically shows up at the bottom of the page.

    I tried testing the demo site (of Shoreditch) with Internet Explorer and found the same issues. So, I know the coding isn’t something I messed up.

    Detail: I am using Internet Explorer 9, which is what most of the employees use, so it is important that I can find a fix around.

    Any suggestions or solutions would be of great help! I really like this theme and do not want to have to change because of this.

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  • Hi there!

    Due to the age of IE9, there isn’t going to be a lot we can do on the theme side of things to address those issues – the menu and sidebar will both work in the two latest versions of major web browsers, so IE10 and IE11 shouldn’t have the same issues 🙂

    Thank you for the reply!

    Unfortunately, that is what I was guessing.. What would you recommend doing in this case, then? I have seen various “Update Browser” messages.

    An alternate or updated browser would be my suggestion – although I recognize you’re working with other people and not just your own setup.

    IE 9 came out in 2011, and as more time goes on, folks still using it will likely begin to experience more and more issues. If at all possible, I’d suggest they update.

    Meaning “Update Browser” plugins, pop-ups, etc.. I apologize for not being clear!

    Is there a recommended one?

    No apology needed 🙂

    Updating, in this case, would be updating Internet Explorer to a more recent version, like IE 10 or preferably IE 11. Or using the most recent version of any other major web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

    I got everything figured out and in process.

    Thank you very much for your time and help!

    Awesome! You’re welcome!

    Would you please have a look @

    The Problem remains in IE 11 unter Windows 10.
    Any suggestions?

    Hi @brattigbieker!

    I tested that link in IE 11 on Windows 10, and I’m not seeing a missing menu bar, and the sidebar is on the right as expected.

    Here are a couple of screenshots (I’ve blocked your contact info in the sidebar)

    Can you describe or share a screenshot of what you are seeing?


    Hope this will show you what I mean.
    The top menu is white as far as the main topic text reaches.
    But if sub menu text is wider than the main topic the text is no longer full underlayed with white…

    I also used IE 11 unter Windows 10.
    But that symptom is also under Windows 7 to be seen.

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    Strange – when I tested it on IE 11 earlier today, I got the result in my screenshot. Now though, I’m seeing the same cutoff you are.

    I’m not able to reproduce the problem on other sites running the theme, like the Shoreditch Demo site, are you?

    Have you made any edits or alterations to the theme at all?

    If you disable your site’s plugins, does that have any impact?

    Hi Chad.

    Of cause very strange. In Chrome and on mobile devices everthing is fine.
    It is just IE with that error. The demo site works fine in my IE 11.
    So I think it must be a problem within my WP theme.

    I just deactivated the plugins but the symptom does not change.
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    The only design change I made with the css editor is:

    .site-branding .custom-logo {
    width: 412px;
    max-width: 100%;

    .site-branding .custom-logo {
    height: 100px;
    max-height: 100%;

    to make the logo a little bit bigger.

    I’ve managed to reproduce it on a separate test site – I’m not seeing what’s causing the issue yet, but I’m opening a bug report now so we can investigate a bit more.

    Thanks for running through those tests and helping to narrow things down!

    That’s great. Thank you Chad.

    My pleasure! I’ll keep you posted!

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