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  • I just installed this awsome theme, I love it. However the menu that is written in white in the preview is in black in my sit :(. So basically it is not visible since when the mouse is over it the text is black on black… Can you modify this ?

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  • Hey there,

    It seems that !important is used in the CSS which sets the bg to black, you could use this to reset the value to nothing:

    .current-menu-item, .current_page_item { Background:initial !important;	}

    If you wish to change the colour you can using a hex code:

    Like this for example:

    .current-menu-item, .current_page_item { Background:#fff !important;	}

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the tip, it indeed changes the BG ^^

    However it is the text that should be white and the bg black.. I looked into the css I do not find where to put the color of the text in white…

    Hey there,

    Ah, use this then:

    .current-menu-item, .current_page_item a{ color:#fff; }

    That should sort it for you. 🙂

    Take care

    Yes now it kinda works ^^

    Expect that now I have my first menu item in white and bg black and the second one written in black.. I need to put the while menu text in white I tried

    #menu { color:#fff}

    But it does not change the text color…Actually looking at the preview, the issue is there as well…

    btw, I tried putting a picture but it seems we can’t :(…

    Thanks for all your help ^

    Arg I did

    #menu a {color:#fff}

    and it worked !!! I do not know why yet but now it is much better !!

    Thanks for your replies !

    Hey there,

    The CSS I gave was simply the original used within the theme but with a new colour set. 🙂

    I was working off the demo site, that only has one menu item and as you didn’t provide a link to your site I couldn’t see how that CSS effects your site.

    For images you need to use a free service like tiny pic or link to one on your server.

    CSS you used works because the ID #menu is also used, the a is for anchor which simply means the links. You also have pseudo classes that change how it behaves for unvisited, visited, active and hovered links. For example to change the colour when you hover:

    #menu a:hover {color:#fff}

    Take care. 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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