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  • Hi

    I am having great trouble with a custom menu. I am using the Avada theme (although this problem exists across every theme I have installed).

    I can create pages fine, and I can create menus as expected HOWEVER the pages do not show up in the Menus area so I can’t add them. It simply says there are no pages to add when there are.

    All of my pages are public and published.

    This is driving me mad, someone please help!

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  • Are you sure they are pages and not posts?

    Definitely not posts.

    100% pages, guaranteed.

    Sounds like there is something wrong with your WordPress install. I have never seen that problem before sorry.

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    the pages do not show up in the Menus area so I can’t add them

    In the dashboard?

    Yes in the menu’s dashboard – under pages it just says ‘No items’ – I have built around 20 pages but none of them show up. The pages I have created are definately not posts, they are all public and they are all published.

    I have this same problem as well. All pages are public and published, and have tried deactivating all plugins and using the default theme. Still it just says “No items” under Pages when trying to create a menu. The only time I can add a page to the menu is if I have checked the “Automatically add new top-level pages” box and then create a new top level page – it will add it to the menu, but still not appear under Pages. Has this been resolved??



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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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