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  • Ok, I installed it and activated. But when I go to Options, page is blank. FAQ says “In some cases the plugin may have problems if not enough memory has been allocated to PHP. Try ensuring that the PHP memory_limit is at least greater than 8MB (limits of 64MB are not uncommon).”

    Is there anything I can do, since my host replied my request for increasing memory_limit with “no sir, can’t do. 8MB is maximum”?

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  • nope.. not much you can do. find a new host? 8mb hasn’t been a realistic max for complex web applications for a long time.

    @wnorris changing host now would be a waste of money, since I paid 1 year and it’s been 2 months max =(

    No idea whether this will help.

    You should put


    into the top of whatever file reported that problem. If it’s plugin.php, then add it there. If it is cache.php, then add it there. Adding it just to index.php won’t do. Add it to the specific file reporting the error problem.

    But, if you upgrade to WordPress 2.5, your problem may go away, as I have found.

    I’ll try it again someday… but… the plugin that was giving me that error was one of the automatic update ones, and WP2.5 already do that. anyway, thanks for the help! if I ever get that error again, I’ll surely try these tips!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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