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  • Hi there,

    we are using WordPress since version 2.0.4 and were always comfortable with every version up to 2.7.1 running round about a dozen plugins. This week I made an upgrade to 2.8.1 and now I’m facing the following error when activating to much plugins:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of ??? bytes exhausted…

    There’s an FAQ entry on the german WordPress community site. It says 10 MB memory are the usual amount for a WordPress installation without plugins. They recommend a memory limit for PHP of 32 MB or even higher if a language pack and some plugins are installed (depending on installed web server, database etc.).

    We have set a memory limit of 16 MB and are not able to raise this. I had to deactivate all plugins despite of 6 I can still run. Any additional plugin loaded leads to too much memory consumed. So far the facts.

    Yesterday I was quite angry about this, at the moment I’m still quite annoyed. We are running several different PHP/MySQL applications on our server, smaller ones and real big ones like MediaWiki and none of them has ever had problems with memory. My Co-Author and server admin said 10 MB for a simple blog installation are way to much. I got to know WordPress as a slim and fast software when we started blogging 2 years ago. What did happen?

    Now the reason I write this: how many effort is taken to strongly reduce the memory footprint of WordPress in the future? If I look on the features planned for 2.9/3.0 I assume WordPress will rather consume even more memory. I’d like to have a slim and fast blog engine as WordPress still was before 2.7. Is this still on the agenda of the WordPress developers? Or do I have to face the fact that WordPress will become a bloated »eierlegende Wollmilchsau«? It depends on this question whether I still use WordPress for new projects in the future or just look for a better blog software.


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  • I’ afraid that WordPress will never be lightweight or even with good performance. Developers keep adding features and don’t care about user complains. This is why Habari Project[1] has been founded. It’s written in object-oriented PHP5, supports multiple database backends, and – most important – Importers for Serendipity and WordPress!

    I think sooner or later everyone who likes to have high-performing websites should abandon WordPress and look for other, fresh blogging tools. 🙁


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