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  • I have over 2000 pages, and each page around 10-15 tags.

    I am now getting a memory error as below when I click on view all pages under dashboard. If i disable the plugin, the pages load.

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 262144 bytes) in /home/test/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1565

    Please advise on this.


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  • Plugin Author curtismchale


    Yeah that doesn’t surprise me at all, you added 2000 (times 10 – 15) extra queries to the dashboard page. 1 for each page you have.

    You’re either going to need to do some caching to off load the WordPress admin queries (and I’m not aware of a plugin to install and cache parts of the WP admin so that’s probably custom work) or find another solution to add the tags.

    I’d be interested to know why you have 2000 pages. On ‘huge’ sites I’ve only ever seen 50 – 100 pages. 2000+ posts is not uncommon though.

    Plugin Author curtismchale


    Another thing you might look at (but I haven’t tested) is this new plugin from Crowd Favorite for viewing pages. It might cut the queries and still let you see what you need.

    Thanks Curtis for your prompt response. I have 2000+ pages as we redesigning our website with new content.. its travel website so we serve over 1000+ hotels, each hotel has 9 sub pages.. By the time we complete, it will probably be 10000+ pages..

    I am currently using pagetree view plugin to access the pages. I will check crowd fav, and also look into cache part for a permanent solution..

    Thanks again.


    Plugin Author curtismchale


    Do you mean that you’re storing each hotel as a WordPress page, or that you have a custom post type that acts like a page for hotels?

    If you’re adding them to the WordPress pages, then it’s simply not the right way to do it and my plugin is a ‘hack’ to add the tags.

    From a UI and workflow view you should be adding a Custom Post Type of Hotel and dealing with the content there.

    At least that’s how I’d do it and have done it for clients in the past.

    I think that you’re going to always have scaling issues using my plugin to accomplish anything in the Hotels as pages scenario.

    I am storing each hotel as a wordpress page – 9 sub pages and parent. then i am using your plugin to add category and tags from the UI and workflow view to it e..g

    eg. i create a hilton new york parent page, and then add 1 category and 10 tags on the middle right side of the page e.g. hilton Manhattan, hilton new york etc

    Am I adding Custom Post Type correctly for pages as that is my understanding of the function of the plugin?

    Will it still having scaling issues as there will be 10k + hotel categories and tags if the cache issue is resolved..

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author curtismchale


    You’re not adding a Custom Post Type. Posts is a ‘post type’ and pages are a ‘post type’. A custom post type for hotels would add another menu item to your WordPress install that said Hotels.

    I can’t tell you how exactly to need to structure your data for sure without a lengthy call to figure out the data architecture (and I’m not taking consulting gigs till February), but I can tell you that pages are not the right way. My plugin is not the right way either.

    I’d strongly suggest getting a good WordPress developer and at the very least hire them for an hour or two to talk about your data architecture. Then you might be able to use a plugin like Pods to build it yourself.

    Yes, you are very right. Excuse my ignorance in the terminology.

    I currently use types plugin for custom post type –

    I will make a note of consultation services if we are stuck..

    Thanks again

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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