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  • I am writing this, because I am about at the end of my patience with dealing with people who write plug-in’s that are full of bugs.

    I am using Alex King’s Articles Plug-in on my Blog.

    I have attempted to contact Alex King, and for some unknown reason, he seems to not to want to answer my communications with him.

    Alex King’s Plug-in has a Bug. It is display articles under categories that it is not supposed to. You can see this happening by clicking here.

    All of the articles under the heading of jobs are NOT, I repeat NOT supposed to be there.

    I was also going to mark another piece that I wrote, with his plug in today, and it created my article under another heading, that it was not supposed to, instead of just the one heading that I wanted.

    I am not a incompetent idiot, that doesn’t know how to run wordpress, I run this software quite well, and I know how to manage plug-ins as well and Mr. King’s Articles Plug-in is FULL OF BUGS!

    Now you’d think that a guy, who wrote this Plug-in would have the common decency to reply to my e-mail and take a look at his plug-in and see why it is doing this. But so far, Mr. King has not returned my e-mails. He seems to be more interested in furthering his business career, that he is providing support for a Plug-in that he released to the general Public.

    I am asking you, Mr. King. To show an ounce of Responsibility and support your produce and find out why it is that your Plug in isn’t working properly. I do not know anything about PHP Script at all, otherwise, I would have fixed it myself.

    Having said all this, has anyone else, besides me, had any problems with this Plug-in of this nature? and if so, what is the solution?

    Thank you,

    -Chuck Adkins

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  • I will not comment on your issues with AK…

    But the plugin doesn’t care about your categories. It displays all the posts that have the custome key “article” and value as “1”.
    Are you sure those “unwanted” posts don’t have that custom key?

    Yes, I am sure. You totally misunderstood what I said. Go back and reread it.

    The articles are appearing where they are supposed to be. AND ARE APPEARING UNDER A CATAGORY WHERE THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO, ONE I DID NOT CHOOSE!


    All Articles under the heading of Politics are supposed to be there…

    All the articles under JOBS are NOT supposed to be there. No, I did NOT select the jobs catagory at all. Why can’t people just believe me, when I say, that I didn’t do something, why do you Plug-in authors and support people just assume that we Blog owners are stupid?

    Further more, the Plug in DOES care about what category you use. That is what it uses to pick which heading it goes under.

    From his page..

    Please note: All of these plugins are officially unsupported. They worked for me on the version of WordPress I wrote them for. If you have any trouble with them, please post in the WordPress Support Forums where many nice people will be able to help you.

    If you were unable to find the help you needed in the WP forums, my company does provide WordPress consulting services – feel free to let us know what you need and we can send you an estimate. Thanks for understanding.

    The latest version, sometimes including unreleased changes and bug fixes, can always be found in the SVN Repository for each plugin.

    1. He provides his plugins for free
    2. It works for him (and a lot of other people)
    3. He does not offer free support
    4. Just because it doesn’t work for you does not mean it is full of bugs.
    5. He does offer paid support.
    6. Don’t use it.

    Yup and that’s the kind arrogance that causes many people not to even want to use WordPress. Until you all get off that arrogant attitude. WordPress will be what it is. A CMS system for Amateur Bloggers and for those who are too cheap to buy a real CMS system.

    just a thought.

    Best thread of the day award. I think, but I’m a cheap amateur blogger so what do I know.

    just ask all the ex-employees of Automattic. who quit because of some of founders antics. and because the immaturity.

    Another avenue might be to consider joining the wp-pro email list at and submitting a request for professional assistance to that email list. Maybe someone there can fix the plugin to suit your needs.

    Or maybe one of the pros can suggest a different plugin or work around…

    just ask all the ex-employees of Automattic. who quit because of some of founders antics. and because the immaturity.

    I don’t know what you’re talking about and certainly don’t care to ask people on your behalf that have nothing to do with what I need and dare I say what you need. I do know you’ll get little help with the ironic antics and immaturity shown. I don’t understand why anyone would use something so full of bugs as you call it without trying to fix it, pay to fix it, or use something else. There are so many ads flying around your site I would guess that you’d have a financial incentive to go about development in a much different way than this pointless dribble.
    ’nuff said, back to my own laid back style and hobby.



    Can somebody pls close this thread? I feel bad karma is going to get going and it won’t have anything to do with making WP a better product.

    I’d like to help ChuckAdkins and maybe I have already found a fix and already using that fix, but I don’t care for the arrogance and tone in those posts.

    My $0.02

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