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    I would like to know if there is a plugin or if anyone can make this happen.

    I need to be able to allow members to edit the content of there own allocated page. I am using this as a portfolio type page for users who wish to have one dedicated to themselves.

    I found access rights plugins, and many other forms of plugins which allow different kinds of access or user rights but just haven’t found one yet that allows a user to be able to edit thier own page without giving them access to other admin settings/editing capabilities which I do not want to allow.

    The way I see this is (1) either be able to allocate new pages to a specific username which in their user panel will give them rights to edit that page and that page only. OR (2) well their really isn’t a 2 as this is really the only method I can think of which makes any sence without providing addition access to other.

    If you know of a plugin that can mak ethis happen or if you can create this for me then please let me know ASAP.


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  • The built in Contributor role does what you want.


    Yes I have that already but the problem with this one is that if I give access right to edit_page it gives them rights to edit every page not just a single allocate page.

    This is where my problem lyes,, I need tobe able to all a single users/member individual editing page access rights.

    But I have found a workaround which although creates more work does what I need it to so I will mark the thread closed and resolved.

    But if anyone comes across what I am after and they remember me (long shot,,LOL) please let me know.

    As for your link that you gave me I truely do thank you as I needed something like that to help me better understand exactly how the access rights work. Again Thank you.


    What is the workaround you’re using?

    I re-installed wp in a new folder allowing just that member access to that admin panel with rights to edit only pages as all pages will be for that user.

    This will mean that for every user who requires a dedicated page I will have to install wp.

    Extra work for me but at least it works. The added bonus is now they can also have their own chosen themes and logos. (logo I could do from before within mine).

    It works well because I have worked out that typing the href code in a new page heading provides me with menu tabs that are linked back directly to the main site so I can have all the wp installs jump from one another instantly and done it in such a way that they can’t be changed by the members user panel.

    So far all this is working exactly the way I need it to.
    Complicated it may be but at least it all works and works well.


    Use multisite, it does exactly that and it’ll be much easier for you to update and maintain.

    Very Interesting. Thank you

    I will remember that for my next project.

    Your help has been exceptional and very much appreciated as nothing you have helped me with fell in deaf ears or went unused.

    Again Thank You


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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