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  • I am having trouble getting W3TC up and running with memcached. I have everything configured now and W3TC reports no errors, but when I telnet to memcahced and run the “stats” command, I see “curr_items” constantly bounce from ~5 to ~100. It’s as if memcached populates objects and then immediately flushes them. Further “expired_unfetched” doesn’t increment upwards so it’s not as if memcahced is doing the expiration – at least I don’t think that it is.

    I am running the SQL, Object, and Page caching pointing to one memcached instance and I’ve set all the timeouts to between 3600 and 86400. I am stumped as to why memcached isn’t persisting objects. Any ideas?

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  • You might consider checking out the memcache.php file included in the PECL memcache PHP extension distribution so you can see what’s happening with your memcache instance. The next release does a better job handling objects in the memory store, but I’d be curious to see what’s going wrong for you specifically via a bug submission form in the plugin.

    After much back and forth we determined that the problem was with the DiggDigg plugin which, for an unknown reason, causes W3TC to reset memcache after every page load. While I don’t know why, I did isolate to that plugin by disabling everything else, starting with a fresh memcache instance and monitoring things through the PHP extension.

    Did you talk to the DiggDigg developer?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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