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  • Hello my name is Phil,
    I have been developing in WordPress for many years, but I don’t frequent the forum to often. So excuse me if this is not the correct area to be asking these types questions.

    I am beginning research on creating a site using WordPress as our CMS to create a premium content service.
    Feature would include
    Users Signing Up
    User Profiles, With a front end editor and photo uploads
    Paid Subscriptions for said users to access other content

    Basically I would like it if it worked similar to the CG Cookie site
    Minus the multisite features

    doing some rough research I believe they use WP E-commerce, But other than that I have no idea how they handle their front end profile editor or much of anything else.

    I have not settled on much of anything except the fact that I want to use WordPress. I have read a bit about buddypress, profile builder, and a few other membership plugins. So any ideas on component or a set of components to work with each other would be greatly appreciated.

    This would also have to work with a few custom post types that I have begun coding.

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