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  • I’m using the WP-Filebase Pro plugin to allow Admin to upload documents and restrict some of them to the ‘members’. These are people who have been elevated to the wordpress ‘Subscriber’ user level.

    So far – all good.

    However there is now a requirement for a more nuanced ‘membership’.
    We’d like to create some mini-groups (7 or 8 in total) within the larger members’ group.

    ALL the members should continue to be able to see the existing restricted documents.

    But these mini-groups will be able to view documents that are made available only to their specific mini-group – not other mini-groups.

    So I need a facility for horizontal groups each with exclusive rights.

    Can anybody recommend a solid membership plugin that will do this for me? Premium is fine.


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  • I would also be interested in this information. I’ve been researching it and so far I have found this plugin: User Access Plugin

    Also, try Members plugin.

    Thanks for the tip cmaudano.

    I’m afraid I’ve not had anything in the way of feedback yet as you can see. 🙁
    But will set up a copy of my website in the next few days and test a plugin or two including yours.

    Is this the one you mean?


    Yes, that is the plugin that I may try too. I already have “Members” plugin installed, but that was before I installed WP-Filebase Pro. I want something easy to manage everything.
    I’ll keep you posted and I would appreciate hearing your feedback too.

    I wanted to let you know that I tried the user-access-manager plugin and it works great for posts & pages, but I haven’t turned this feature on because I’m unsure of the outcome. This caution is in bold red letters.

    Lock files Yes No
    If you select “Yes” all files will locked by a .htaccess file and only users with access can download files.
    Note: If you activate this option the plugin will overwrite a ‘.htaccess’ file at the upload folder, if you use already one to protect your files. Also if you have no permalinks activated your upload dir will protect by a ‘.htaccess’ with a random password and all old media files insert in a previous post/page will not work anymore. You have to update your posts/pages (not necessary if you have permalinks activated).

    Hi Chris

    I have finally got around your idea on a test website and am encouraged.

    The user-access-manager plugin does work well for posts and pages. But the UAM user groups I set up do not register within WP-Filebase Pro.

    However if I prevent direct linking to the file and insist that the browser redirect to the page listing the file I am effectively making it available to only to the UAM user group assigned access the page.

    Sound ok to you?

    Thanks for your help.

    Best Wishes

    WP-Filebase Pro supports UAM. For a short setup instruction see

    Thanks for your input Fabian
    Looks good.

    I’m lucky because all of the files I need to protect will be listed on a single page for each group.

    – Group A’s docs will be on Group A’s page
    – Group B’s docs will be on Group B’s page
    and so on

    They will not be listed in various posts and pages across the website. Nor will they be in more than one WP-Filebase Pro category.

    So I think my approach above is less work.

    – Use WP-Filebase Pro to prevent direct access to restricted files
    – Use UAM Groups to limit access to Pages listing restricted files.
    – Assign each Subscriber to a UAM Group in the Worpress ‘Edit User’

    Does my approach look ok to you?


    You should set access permissions for individual files. Otherwise users can guess the download URLs or share the URLs.

    Thanks Fabian

    I understood that setting WP-Filebase Pro to prevent direct access to restricted files (and redirecting the user to the post or page) would make URL guessing and sharing pointless.

    But nevermind I will try the deeper protection.

    Very grateful for your help.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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