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  • I guess I’m going to be the slow one in the class, but I can’t seem to get Membership to work.

    With a fresh install of WordPress, a clean database, an empty plugins folder (other than Membership) and no other plugins active, I created a post called “Restricted content” with the category of “restricted.”

    I installed the Membership (lite) plugin.

    I activated the Membership plugin.

    I enabled Membership.

    I did not create short codes because I only want to restrict content by categories. I’m wondering if that’s the problem.

    I created a registration page, called Register, and added the short code: [subscriptionform].

    I created an account page, called Account, and added the short code [accountform].

    I turned off “Anyone can register” in WordPress Settings > General. (I also tried turning it back on later to see if that made a difference, and the answer was no.)

    Under Edit Levels, I created a level by clicking “Add new” and giving it a name of Subscriber, then dragged “Categories” into the Positive Rules section and checked next to my category of “restricted.” I clicked Add.

    On the Levels overview page, I activated the Subscriber level.

    Under Edit Subscriptions, I clicked “Add new,” pulled in “Subscriber” and clicked “Add.” Honestly, I’m not sure what this step does, but I did it anyway.

    In the Subscriptions overview page, I activated Subscriber.

    In Edit Options, I set the registration page to the “Register” page and set the account page to the “Account” page. I set the protected content page to redirect to the “Register” page so if someone wasn’t signed in and they clicked on the one restricted page called “Restricted content,” they would go to the registration page.

    I saved all my changes as I went.

    In a different browser, where I wasn’t logged into the site, I called up the site, and it showed the full “Restricted” post on the home page. When I clicked on it, the “Restricted” post opened rather than the user being redirected to the registration page.

    What step am I missing that I can’t keep unregistered users from reading this restricted post with the category “restricted?”

    The URL is

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I went back through the instructions, redid a membership level for “subscribers” with a “positive rule” allowing subscribers to read posts with a category of “restricted.” I then created a membership level for strangers with a negative rule preventing strangers from reading posts with the category of “restricted.” I made sure the subscribers membership level was tied to the subscription level. I have made sure everything is enabled. The payment system is working with Sandbox. And, yet, any visitor to my site who is not logged in can see my post with the category of “restricted.”

    I give up. I can’t waste any more time on this. I’m going to try another plugin.



    Glad I read the (lack of) support for this plug-in before downloading.

    Hi guys, official support is generally incredibly busy dealing with posts in their premium forums so I’m guessing they’ve not be able to keep up with these threads so easily lately.

    I’ve used the plugin rather extensively myself in the past and would be happy to assist to whatever degree I’m available.

    jtm12, I see you noticed the issue of not having a Stranger level setup. Given that, it should just work. But something’s apparently missing. I take it you selected that level for use as Stranger in Membership > Edit Options?

    If so, perhaps it’s the setup of that Stranger level that’s not working? If you could try any other rule besides the category rule, that’ll help determine whether this is related to that particular rule.

    Hi, I encountered the same issue. I set the Stranger settings as well.
    but it doesn’t work.
    The strange issue is – i did the same thing on my test site, it worked perfectly. when i applied the same settings on my client site, i seems not able to restrict public access to category i have included under negative rule.

    any idea ?


    I apologize. I missed your posting a month ago. I noticed luchenpin’s today and wanted to see how this was going.

    I’m sad to report that I did give up. I went with a different plugin.

    I’d still like to know what went wrong someday, but I’ll have to follow it here because I don’t have the plugin installed anywhere right now to test things.

    Good luck, luchenpin.

    jtm12, are you happy with your current plugin? What are you using? Like you, I’m only looking to hide a couple of pages from general public. I only need to make it available to a select number of (approved) users.

    Yeah.. I’ve been testing this plugin and I don’t think it’s going to work.. I want users to be able to register, but then I want to approve them by hand so they can view the members only content..

    I was testing this plugin on a domain I run for running tests, but I actually was looking for the plugin for my boss, who posts his company newsletters online and sells subscriptions. The plugin needed to work, and I needed good support, because I’m not very good at this. I went with a premium plugin called Wishlist Member. I still ran into problems there, but it’s working. It’s suppose to be able to lock down posts by category (it probably does), but I never got that to work. However, I can make each post private as I upload the newsletter articles, so it’s fine. Support is fabulous. I always get an answer by the end of the day. If the support person I’m talking to can’t answer my question, it gets handed to a programmer to look at. We have the plugin hooked up to PayPal Standard, and that’s working fine.

    I will tell you that I’ve seen a lot of good reviews recently on a premium plugin called DAP, or Digital Access Pass. I know nothing about it.

    I also had a professional WordPress designer who works with the WP e-commerce plugin tell me that he thinks the membership part of that plugin works well. I didn’t try it.

    We’re happy with what we have right now. I hope that helps you.

    I was having this same issue. I installed the plugin via the “Add new” button on the Plugins page of my site. Immediately after it told me the plugin had been installed successfully, I clicked “activate”. I could then see the various options for Membership. I set up everything as jtm12 did above but the plugin did not appear to be working.

    Then I noticed that if I clicked the main “membership” menu item (titled Membership Dashboard), it gave me a message that the plugin was disabled and a link to enable it. I double-checked back over on the plugins listing and in fact, it was listed as enabled there. However, I went back to the Membership Dashboard, clicked the enable link there, and voila! The plugin began to work. Very strange.

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