• Greetings again experts.

    We are looking for a few affordable plugins to list membership names on the front end.

    We are currently using WPFORMS to register members. It also has login inform feature.

    However, it does not allow members to be listed on the front end.

    In other words, we would like our members to log into our portal (not WordPress dashboard) and search for other members.
    If one exists, that member name is listed with his/her picture.

    WPFORMS has member entries in that once a member registers, his or her info is available but only on the admin dash.

    We would like this available on the front end.

    Does anyone know of some good plugins that is available on the front end?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Just a WPForms user – Your post/question caught my eye because it is in line with something I have completed for a client recently. Depending on what kind of interaction and overall activities your members are allowed, it sounds like you may benefit from working with a more specifically designed plugin. I suspect mentioning and promoting other products here isn’t welcome. But, for example, if you look for “community” and “forum” plugins there are a number with various functions and features that allow users to interact in many ways. From basics all the way to near-social media level look and performance. Sharing, messaging, content creation, etc.

    Hope that helps.

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    This is very helpful.

    Thank you very much

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