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  • Hi,

    I’ve just recently installed your plugin and got everything set up as it should be, although I’ve just come to the realisation that there’s a problem. May I also add that I’m also using Paid Memberships Pro.

    My site features a free trial membership level and a premium membership level. The problem I have is that, I don’t want to pay people for sending a user to my website that just signs up for the ‘free trial’ membership option. Is there any way to change this so that users only receive a commission if someone signs up to premium membership?

    Other than that, the plug in seems great, but unfortunately, if this can’t be done, it just won’t be feasible for me to use as I need to keep the free trial option on my website so that users get a taste of the service I offer.

    Please advise on this.


    Another question that I’ve noticed seems to crop up quite a lot on the support forum is related to being able to pay affiliates a one-time only fee, rather than a fee every month.

    Example scenario..

    You sign up to my website through an affiliate link and you pay £10.00 a month, currently the affiliate will receive £5.00 of that users membership fee each month, too.

    Is it possible to do the following..

    You sign up to my website through an affiliate link and you pay £10.00 a month, the affiliate receives £5.00 for the referral and no more payments after this each month like the above.

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  • Something I would also like to add, if this is possible, what would happen if a user signed up for the free trial membership level and then upgraded their account to the premium membership level. Would the affiliate still be paid?

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    Hi, No commission is awarded for free membership. There has to be a transaction (example: a paid membership) in order for the plugin to award commission for it.

    One time affiliate commission is applicable for memberships where you are not accepting recurring payments from your customers. If it’s a recurring payment the plugin has to award commission for each payment (most of our users prefer this option). We just don’t have an option to stop after the first payment at the moment.

    That’s great, that clears things up a lot.

    I have another couple of queries

    1. – I thought about it and I’ve got a yearly option too so I’d have to set my payments to percentage based rather than a fixed amount. The only problem is that when let’s say that my sale is £10 and I’d pay 20% VAT on this and therefore I’d just pay my affiliates 40% to make this simple. The problem with this is that on their dashboard, it says ‘40% pre tax’ – I just figured this method would be easiest to avoid having to alter payments after? Any suggestions on this.

    2. – When users sign up for the affiliate program and they click ‘submit application’ it doesn’t do anything? It doesn’t move back or forward a page it just looks as though nothing has happened, although when you go on the ‘Affiliate Home’ page, you can see your dashboard etc. Is there a reason for this?

    Other than that, overall the plug in is great!

    I don’t understand why people would pay $400 for iDevAffiliate when this is available, am I missing something?

    Also, what happens if an affiliate cancels their membership to your website? Does their affiliate account also get removed? Basically, I don’t want to still be paying a user when they’re no longer a member of my site but customers they’ve previously sent to my site are? This will of course be amended in the terms.

    Plugin Author affmngr


    I will need to take a closer look at the your registration page to investigate this issue. Please use the contact form on our site to get in touch.

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