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  • Hiya,

    I just took a stab at this myself (after seeing your email w/ David) and setup a nearly identical install. I’m using 2.1.4 of Membership, WordPress 3.3 and the Showcase Infinity Child theme.

    I was unable to recreate this error, but I did notice that you have 3.4-alpha running on the site. I’m not sure of the code changes in the 3.4 alpha, but this is not yet something we support.

    You may want to try rolling back to 3.3 and then disabling any plugins besides membership. See if you still run into any errors at that point.


    thanks for taking a peek.
    I also tried this on 3.3 same issue. Actually there have been no changes in 3.4 that deal in any of these areas yet anyhow. So far the trac changes are all cosmetic.

    *I am running membership 2.0.7 as it’s the latest I have access to

    I did send David login information if you want to poke around a bit.

    I had to turn off the network plugin for now as the redirect was making it impossible to work on my site at all. Feel free to turn it back on if you wish. There were a few topics in wpmu about this issue, but none of the topics gave the solution.

    The site is not yet live so changes won’t do any damage. I’ve worked with wpmu in the past so I trust the work done there.

    *It would be nice someday to actually see this information added to the setup directions for those of us daring enough to try a multisite setup like this*

    ***I’m done working for the night, so I reactivated the plugin so you can see the issues


    2.0.7 is the latest of the ‘lite’ version – my apologies for that, I was referencing the premium version.

    As to the logins, I did take a look, but you’ll need to give super admin access and access to the membership rules under Edit>Profile for the username you provided us.

    I’m logging off for the day, but if you’ll update us via email someone may be able to take a look with you. Otherwise, I’ll be back on tomorrow morning EST.


    I should also add that the infinite loop only happens if I am either not logged in, or am logged in as a regular user.

    If I login as an admin, then I can reach my home root site just fine.

    Deactivating the plugin solves the loop problem

    My bad, user is now super-admin, with edit rights.

    * I do plan on purchasing full vs. once we get everything working right. At the moment there is only 1 product, so only need 1 level, but very soon will have different roles for each product so premium will be necessary.

    Have a great evening, and I hope to chat later sometime


    Ok, just took a very brief look at your site. The ‘stranger’ level was set to ‘member’ – I think you intended for this to be set to the ‘visitor’ level.

    Additionally I set it so that the default pages on the main site are all set to a positive rule for both levels.

    The result is that a visitor can access the main site but not the links that fall in the url group, and the member level can access everything.

    Let me know if that sorts it for ya or if there’s something I missed.



    Thank you!
    I’ll take a look at the changes and figure out where I went wrong. From what I saw it seems to be configuring perfectly and if I spend some time seeing what changes were made, then I can better understand the setup. I will make sure to do a decent writeup on the process in order to try and help others out in the future.

    Glad it’s looking good 🙂

    We’ve been really excited with our progress on the membership plugin over the last year but will admit it can be tricky to get setup correctly initially. We’ve got a team assembled looking at a bit of a UI overhaul to make things a bit more streamlined when getting setup.

    Any thoughts/suggestions just let us know 🙂

    Sure a few ideas:
    1. Upon activation ask the user if they want global tables before firing the actual plugin setup. During that process either prompt the user to add the action to the wp_config.php file, or if allowed simply do it for the user. (not sure if that is good practice though)

    2. If detect multi-site have another ‘edit-blog-groups’ like the edit-url-groups.

    In that tab, you would simply be able to select a blog id, and assign it to a membership level (role)

    3. Obviously I had mine setup wrong with stranger level set to member.
    I would like to see some type of ‘list’ where my rules are printed out in plain english.

    1. visitors can see ‘xyz’
    2. members can see ‘a,b,c’
    3. rol-x can see ‘a,b,c,d,e’

    Having a simple text list which lists out all the settings for each group probably would have made finding my mistake a little easier.

    4. Script to detect infinite loops, and if it’s happening actually send the user to a page describing the problem.

    You are trying to load page ‘x’ , which is routing to page ‘y’ which is routing to page ‘x’. This is due to the ‘abc’ rules that you setup.

    I have seen scripts in the past that can actually look for infinite loops, and usually trigger after the script notices a page looping ‘3x’ times. I will try and dig up the script I saw that did that for you sometime.

    4. Use the new wp help system and link to some screenr videos for ‘standard setups’

    I realize everyone is going to do things a bit differently, but really there are only a half dozen ‘real’ standard setups that most people are after. Having a video to watch ‘how to setup membership to protect blogs’ would have helped a little.

    Well I hope some of the ideas help. I need to get the site itself finished up before I dig to much deeper into membership. But once I do, I’ll try to send over any new ideas that I have on the UI.

    If you get a chance can you log in one last time for me?

    It seems no matter what I do, if I create a new user, and try to give them ‘members’ access, I end up with the infinite loop problem again.

    If you could create a new user, and then set that user up with ‘members’ access, then at least I can see the settings that you choose which work.

    right now, if I go in and change a users role to ‘member’ and then go in and add a membership level and/or subscription, the infinite loop comes back.

    Because I will be ‘programmaticly’ adding users to memberships, I’m going to need to see what settings are involved to get a user the proper access. I still plan on tying this together with woocommerce.

    At the moment, the only way I can allow a user to ‘work properly’ as a member, is to give them admin access, which of course is not right.

    thanks again

    *sent email reply as it seems to go much further than this and can’t post that stuff in public


    Thanks so much for your feedback. I’ll definitely bring it to the team as we continue to improve the membership plugin.

    I also took a look through email and wasn’t able to find your latest one. Can you send one through again and mark it to my attention in the subject?

    I still have the login credentials so will try to login later today and have a look as well.


    I resent the email with attn Mason in the subject.

    Spent quite a few hours last night trying different options but the problem remains of when adding a user and then giving that user the proper capabilities to access members area of the infinite loop appearing.

    Also it remains that it seems that new pages/posts/media/etc added to the root site are not ‘always’ public by default. Evidenced by the email I sent.

    I did go ahead and reactivate the plugin as I am able to continue working on the site as an admin. As the site is not yet public, it doesn’t matter if users can’t get in.

    Really appreciate the help on this one and I’m hoping that once finished this all leads to an even more improved product for wpmu.

    Ok, spent the day working on this again.

    I can confirm that if I create a new user and try to give them permission to access the support site, I end up with the infinite loop.

    This happens even if I make the user an admin. I’m kinda out of ideas on this one now. I even tried to whitelist everything for visitors except the url rule, no joy.

    Updated via email. Please let us know 🙂

    I emailed back.

    I did not touch any of your settings, yet members still end up with an infinite loop, and the support site homepage is ‘screwed up’ when a member level user visits the page. Does not happen for me as admin, nor when I deactivate the plugin.

    Gotta give ya props for hanging in there with me. If we ever meet, I def owe ya a cuppa joe

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