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  • Hello,

    I run a small promotional staffing and talent management service. I have recently tried WordPress. I have really liked WordPress specially because of the plugin system and its unlimited possibilities.

    We basically have a simple HTML website where we have created a form which is filled by our website visitors who mainly are the job seekers, models and artists etc. This form collects certain information like:

    • Pictures
    • Video Links (If the applicant is an artist)
    • Portfolios (If its a model)
    • Personal Details
    • Contact Details
    • Education, Experience
    • Height, weight, hair color, eye color
    • Shirt Size, Shoe Size etc. etc.

    We receive this information as an email.

    We have a second kind of visitors to our website these visitors are: Event managers, party planners, exhibitors, companies seeking short term staff etc. We, over the phone note their criteria for staff they look for and then send them a few profiles over email.

    I’m now looking for a membership system where each of these staff can create their profile themselves. The email-form that they fill today contains all the information that is required I wish this information can form as profile pages on my website (Of course ofter moderation).

    Also, I want three versions of this information to be displayed to three kind of users:

    1. Unregistered Visitors, Registered Job Seekers and Search Engines: the following fields should be hidden:

    • The name of staff (There should be staff-code in place of name) and any personal details.
    • Education and Experience
    • The pictures
    • Any links

    2. Registered Companies/ Employers (Approved by admin): the following fields should be hidden:

    • Contact and any personal details

    3. Admin : Nothing hidden everything shown.

    The user may update their profiles (Subject to moderation and approval by admin).

    What are the possibilities to do the above by using WordPress? Can the above be done using Facebook registration system? How?

    I thank you very much to all and I will be grateful to all who reply here and help me.

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