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  • Looking for a flawless or semi flawless plugin that will enable a members only sections of a wordpress site?
    Looking for something that will turn it into a pay per view site.. Any one know of such a plugin?

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  • @kevinb: Thanks for the info! It’s really helpful to hear directly from the developer about the fact that Role Scoper can in fact cater for members-only pages! I wasn’t aware of this at all (should have looked into it… my bad!) even though I had suggested RS to some people looking to restrict administration/editing access.

    Sorry a NOB Q:
    Is there any way to use this as a “members-only categories”.
    Meaning just having some Catagories that are only visible for “Members/Logged In”, that would be so easy for other writers to instruct them in using a Private-Catagory…

    In my world simpler is better (-; meaning minimum changes when you have to upgarde every 5-6 Months LOL

    Hmmm maybe this would be a easier solution..

    Private Post

    Just mark things private that you don’t want people to see if they isn’t logged in. (Just dont know if it works on 2.6)

    Unfortunately the fixes mosey helped me with don’t completely work. Possibly because of my static page settings or the use of a virtual directory, I’m not sure. I will need to rethink everything.

    I’ve just discovered that when you try to view older posts they don’t show
    shows exactly the same posts a the first page (sorry you need a password to login but if anyone would like to help, then you can message me through the contact form and I will provide you with a temporary password)

    I haven’t tried role scoper so I will look into that.

    At the moment I’m using wp-sentry to protect the posts and that is working fine. It’s the viewing of the pages that is causing the problem!! Any help appreciated

    sorry let me amend that, it’s the viewing of the older posts that don’t fit on page 1 that is not working. I can sort of get around it because I’ve manually set up categories (has to be manually linked as the private post function in wp-sentry means the categories don’t show up if you use the widget function).

    KevinB you mentioned your plugin still shows the private post heading, does it play nicely with the category and tag widgets to automatically show them in the sidebar?

    @talia: I think this is a pagination issue that generally affects custom queries. Haven’t looked into it in detail yet for this particular template, but useful links are:

    Fix pagination on Query Posts
    Combining featured posts with the standard loop
    The original forum post by Kafkaesqui

    Just to add to the list of ‘Page Restriction’ plugins, a brand new one called:

    Page Restrict

    thanks for the links. I’ll check them out when I have a spare moment!

    I’m thinking when I have enough members I should pay for a proper plug in as there are so many things that go wrong. I get posts where the post is hidden but people can see comments, etc, etc. Must go look at that wp-sentry and see if the latest version fixes that.

    The page restrict is for pages not posts, so it won’t be useful for me. Thanks anyway

    @mosey i’m not sure on the pagination issue but i started a separate query on it as the other forum topics seemed to use a query_posts loop which i don’t appear to have in my template

    After spending a lot of time on this I’ve come to the conclusion for membership based sites on a payment basis that the system i have with the virtual directory is problematic. i’m still thinking about it but my inclination is to have a public blog for the public and a private blog for members only which would be in its own separate directory and i’ll look into the 2 integrated systems that have been suggested earlier.

    @talia: Unfortunately I don’t have the time this week to really look into query_posts (going abroad tomorrow) but I will take a look at it when I get back online later on in the week.

    I would agree (and I vaguely remember mentioning this before as well privately by email) that the virtual directory isn’t really necessary, but really believe having two separate blogs might be more hassle in the long term.

    thanks for your reply.

    i just didn’t see a way of protecting it without having a separate “blog” directory for members. i’m having a lot of frustrations at the moment with integrating everything but for now i’ve cheated and set the pagination to show 20 posts on the first page

    i need to check what happens with categories to see if that is also a problem

    enjoy your holiday!!!


    the categories work fine. i set it to only show 2 posts per page
    worked fine when i hit next and prev

    but it doesn’t work on the main page. must be something in that, just not sure what!

    @casperse Private Post works on 2.6.1 but it dupplicate the posts in the management list.

    Hello all!

    I’m looking for a way to hide only the “<?php the_content(); ?>” in the single.php, and to make it visible only to registered users.

    Can anyone help me please?

    Thanks and regards


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