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  1. mwortman
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi all,

    Thanks for any help to start with. I'm running WP as a intranet, so I'm not able to show you the page.

    My situation:
    We're running WP (3.1) on a MS IIS server (7.0) and it's all working very smoothly. We're authenticating our users with the LDAP authenticate plugin against our LDAP server. Works fine.

    What I need to happen:
    I'd like to open up WordPress to the outside world (internet), but obviously I'd like to put a username/password authentication before anything.

    Members Only plugin seems to do the trick, but the problem is that internal users need to authenticate as well. We rather have a system that detects the internal proxy, so internal staff don't have to worry about authentication if they don't want to.

    Does anyone have any idea?

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