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  • I am going to create or already created a member list, but I am wondering which one should I focus more on

    A member list for comment authors or a member lists for users registered with wp-register.php

    It will have the usual info along with, latest comments, number of comments made, number of comments made per day.


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  • Oh, I like the member list!

    I’m wanting something similar but not a FULL register list. I want a list that I can create for GUILD members only, for a game.

    GamerZ, ive done a couple of these for many differnt sites within done with WordPress.

    I would suggest members be just people who signed up and registered, people who just comment are just guests.

    I actualy need to go thru and sort out the member listing part of so far got profile pages just no overall list of members

    GaMerZ, I’m looking forward for your need plugin, but will it provide just a simple list with the names, that can be added to the sidebar or similar?

    E.G. ‘Who’s online: GaMerZ, emeff, 2 guests’

    I have created a template page for a member list. But I do wish it was a plugin. Can’t wait for this GamerZ. I enjoy all the plugins you make.

    You can see an example of what I did: here

    Clicking on the user’s name will link you to their modified author page. View my profile example or click on other user names.

    I have a similar thing going on

    GamerZ – I have been looking for a plugin or theme that would allow me to have a searchable member list. Your page looks perfect! Have you completed your plugin yet?


    I have did a custom page for one of the members, if u want I can send u the page but u have to edit it manually.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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