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  1. goalseeker2013
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    Hi hope someone can advise please.
    I am using the member plug in for a site I am building for a charity, 2/3rds of the site is open and 1/3 rd is for their members only, so far so good. I have successfully built the access levels for two levels of membership, users and administration and all access points work fine. When it comes to registration I wanted to allocate the password not have wordpress generate a password by using the log-in form. I developed a registration form through Contact Form 7 which was sent to administration. However when I send an administration generated password the log in is still through WordPress Log-in which means that as admin saved their password when logging into the back office when the new subscriber goes to log in they could see the administration user name and if they click on that because the admin saved their password it will be automatically entered opening the whole of the back office to the new user no matter what level has been set for them.
    This would also be true if there were users that had a higher access level than they did, they could try the higher level user name and access their level on the site.

    Sorry this is so long but I want to try to make it clear.

    Is there any way that it can be made that the log-in panel stays blank and only allows the new user to input their details?

    Any advice warmly appreciated I thought I had cracked this proble. What do they say when one door opens another slams in your face :-)


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