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    Hi Support

    I have a few issues / suggestions coming in from members regarding editing member profiles. They are:

    1. Save Draft Profile Option

    Members are requesting to have a save draft option, as they sometimes get interupted in the middle of setting up their profiles and they don’t want to retype everything from scratch.

    2. Member Preview Profile option

    Members are requesting to be able to preview their profile before finalizing it.

    3. Form Data wiped out when error messages presented

    Members are frustrated because when they fill out the profile form data, click the button to submit, and then when error messages are presented, the data has been wiped out and they have to retype from scratch.

    4. ? in edit form needed above profile picture and profile header

    Members don’t know what the image dimensions are for the above fields, and there is no ? field for me to have a pop up help explanation for them on these fields.

    Question is:

    Can this be done now, or is it a feature I should request, and if so, where do I go to request them?

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