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    Fields on the Member Profile Edit page, and on the Search Form on the Member Directory page are not showing properly.

    Example, field with drop down list options is not showing the drop down list.

    I have cleared cache, cookies, objects, restarted pc, checked with two browsers, Google Chrome and Firefox, same issue.

    Please advise how this can be fixed – I am unable to upgrade members iwthout their profile information, and we have an event cominig up and attendance is dependant on the info entered on the profile form.


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    Ok, I spent a bit of time on this, and it looks like now the only problem is that the drop down options do not show. Instead, two fempty fields show below the field title. This happens on both the edit profile form page and also if I add a field with mutliple options to the Member Directory page search form.

    That seems to be the only issue with the fields.

    Does anyone else have this issue, and any suggestions how to fix this would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Hi @bizfundi,

    Can you please do a conflict test on the theme first and then plugins and see if it is caused by a conflict. You can click the link for directions on the plugin/theme conflict test:


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    Hi Support

    Thanks for that link, very handy.

    Some questions before I start this:

    Its a live site, members logging on and off all day, any idea how to prevent them having to deal with error pages, i.e. show them a maintenance message while I do all the above steps?

    Your link article says use 2015 theme, does it have to be that version or would 2017 theme be ok.

    Thanks again for your amazing support.

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    Ok thanks, I saw the note at the foot of the article about live sites. I won’t be able to do that so I will think of something else.


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    Thanks for the link to the conflict test.

    I found two issues with Um.

    1. The profile edit page, the field options on drop down menus not displaying.

    2. The Members Directory not listing any cards.

    After the conflict test, this is what I found:

    1. The profile edit page, the field options on drop down menus not displaying.

    I found that when Woo Commerce plugin is activated, it doesn’t matter if I have twenty fifteen theme or Customizr theme, the drop down options on the profile form does not work.

    Here is the link to the WooCommerce plugin page:

    So, it looks like I have to find a different eshop system until that is resolved.

    Please let me know if you have heard of this and if there is a workaround.

    2. The Members Directory not listing any cards.

    When logged into the backend, I can view the Members Directory page.

    When viewing from front end (no login required), it says there is nothing match my search criteria, even though I did not stipulate any search criteria.

    I disabled all plugins and switched to Twenty fiteen theme, and no different.

    i just tried again and now the cards are showing in the front end view.

    It appears to be an intermittant issue.

    I will continue to test and see if I can identify what is causing this intermittant display of the member cards.

    I will update the results in the next note, about this issue.


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    2. The Members Directory not listing any cards


    I’ve identified where the problem is.

    When a user is logged in at the front end, they cannot view the list of cards on our members directory.

    The UM “apply custom settings?” can be set to NO, or YES, “Content Accessible to Everyone” and the directory listing is still not viewable when a member is logged into the front end.

    I deactivated all plugins and changed the theme to twenty fifteen with the same result.

    I activated each plugin one by one, same result.

    Once a user is logged out, however, then the members directory shows up.

    Please advise how I can fix this so that the members directory is viewable whether front end users are logged in or not.


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    Just a thought — be sure that the member directory page is set so that everyone (both logged in and out users of all member types) may view it.

    Good luck,

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    Thanks Rob, I realized i should have given more detail about the settings when I saw your note.

    The “members” page has an UM table on the side for permissions. The UM “apply custom settings?” can be set to NO, or YES, “Content Accessible to Everyone” and the directory listing is still not viewable when a member is logged into the front end.

    In UM, Members Directory, Edit Members page to get to settings, under General table, these are the settings:

    User Roles to Display: I’ve chosen which roles to be displayed.

    Only show members who have uploaded a profile photo

    Only show members who have uploaded a cover photo

    Sort users by: Random

    Only show specific users (Enter one username per line) – blank


    Not sure what else support would need to check settings.

    I agree that your settings seem to check out. UM has so many configurable options that it’s easy to overlook something. I’ll try to register for an account on your site to see if I can think of anything else that would help you.

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    Wow you are a very kind person, VerySiberian.

    Thanks, but I will patiently wait for UM Official support to give me a suggestion.

    I’m sure there is a Jquery conflict going on with the Woo Cart and the drop down menu problem, and I think the Member Directory is truly a settings issue.

    I just know UM has seen this before, and they will help me get right.

    UM is such an awesome script, I’m definitely planning to buy their entire packaged bundle as soon as I can.

    Cool, in that case, please delete my account from your site. 🙂

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    Hi Rob, so sorry for the delay in responding, but I see you did manage to delete your account. Thanks!

    Just waiting for UM Support now.

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    A reply from Woo Commerce support:

    I wrote:

    I have found that Woo Commerce is causing a conflict with Ultimate Membership Plugin.

    Their reply:

    Unfortunately we don’t support 3rd party plugins in this regard

    The thing is, UM Support, I need a way to accept payments from members, and Woo Commerce is the best option for WP online shop.

    If your plugin is conflicting with Woo Commerce, I will be forced to purchase a memberhsip plugin that does not conflict with theirs instead of purchasing yours, and I far prefer your plugin and what you offer in your full bundle so far.

    I need to see our system working in the free versions before I will commit to purchasing them.

    Please advise, thank you.

    FWIW, I have found WooCommerce to be nothing but a PITA. You may achieve paid membership functionality easy with Ultimate Member, Easy Digital Downloads (plus a few add-ons for payment functionality), and the UM-EDD extension (which is a third party plugin). It is super easy and I have had no conflicts with this approach.

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    LOL Rob, you gave me a good chuckle, and I keep on giving odd barks of laughter thinking of your PITA comment.

    Okay, you are 100% right, I am going to have to try different online shopping solutions. I was going into a deep black hole thinking about giving up UM, and your comment above switched on the light.

    I do need a shop which handles physical products as well, though, not just digital.

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