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  • jamdfingr


    Ok, so I am trying to build a website and thought I would give WordPress a try. I am pretty good with databases and have intermediate knowledge of php and sql programming language.

    What I am trying to do is to setup a member content area to help members build a short essay.

    The format that I would like to use is:
    Title: Essay 1

    Paragrahph 1: Ask a few questions in this area to generate the first paragraph response.

    Text Box 1: Provide a text box for the user to input their information in response to the questions raised above helping them build the first paragraph of their essay

    Paragraph 2: The second lot of questions or prompts to be used to build the next paragraph.

    Text Box 2: The second paragraph response area


    Final Essay: A culmination of all of the above text box fields laid out into a complete essay.

    Now the catch is that when the user logs back into their area and selects “Essay 1” again, the fields all need to be populated from the saved area and ready to be edited etc. This allows them to work on their essay as much as they like and then return to it. I accept that using a form to go back and forth to the database will require some sort of save button for each paragraph text box, but hope that this shouldn’t be too difficult to setup a basic page to do this.

    Given that I have several essays in mind, I also wonder if the static content generated for the “Paragraph 1” can come from a back end table so that it populates the field based on the content from that table rather than being hard coded into the page itself. That may allow me to setup a single page to be drawn from the website which is dynamic enough to determine which essay it is looking at and then select both the Essay content as well as the user content.

    I have looked into LMS assignment type forms as well as survey type forms and can’t seem to get anything to fit right.

    Has anybody got any ideas on this one as I am stumped being new to wordpress and its capabilities?


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  • jamdfingr


    Ok, possible solution:

    If I can insert a php file into the theme and label it as page-essay, then I can code the page as to however I want it to work. Eg. pull the content from a custom table that I can setup in the SQL side of things as well as use the userid to pull any content that may have been already placed into the system.

    Would that work?

    If so, would I need to create a blank record for each of the essays every time a new member is added so that they immediately have a place to put their info?

    Is there an easier way to do this?


    Moderator Steven Stern (sterndata)


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    This would easily be done with the Pro version of Formidable. You could use it to either front-end a custom post type or use its “views” feature to show the entered content, sans questions.




    Will have a look into that one.

    I didn’t think it would be this difficult to create a simple form layout to retrieve and submit data to a table. Such a simple process in other database tools such as MS Access etc.


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