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Member-only files non-member redirect not working

  • Hi! First of all thanks Mike for this fantastic plugin. I’m stuck with a problem, the option ‘Member-only files non-member redirect’ seems not working for me. After setting an URL and saving the options, when user with no privileges tries to access a file, he gets redirected to a blank page with the only message ‘You don’t have privileges to access this file’, but no redirection to the page setted in the plugin options. Any idea about that? Thank you very much in advance!


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  • Ok! finally realized that the redirection works but only when a non member tries to access a member-only file, but doesn’t work if a member that hasn’t the required role tries to access a file restricted to an upper role. Maybe could be a good implementation in future versions of the plugin, a different ‘redirection’ for these situation. Thanks again!

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