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  • Hi Pmp,

    I already set 2 different levels FREE and GOLD, the main level is always FREE once they registered, the GOLD is an option for upgrade their account.

    I already set restricted member for certain pages, it works great what I can see as visitor. But I tested as a registered user, I can’t access the page and realized the FREE registered user REMAIN member current level as (none) not paying in the user’s account?

    Isn’t that should automatic reflect to FREE current member as default once registered?

    Please help, thanks

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  • Plugin Support Travis


    Hi There,

    That sounds about right, if a user registers as a free user their role should be set to a subscriber and their membership level should change from “None” to “Free Level (Membership level name)”

    You could try create another free level from scratch to check to see if this happens with the new level and make sure your plugin is up to date.

    See if any of these fixes the issue. Hope that helps!

    Hi Trav,

    I now getting back to work on the site and is now updated to Version

    Normally. the visitors use the buddypress registration/login. The site setting is setup as subscriber as always.

    The main question is, do people MUST use the PMPro to registered with in order to reflect to the default site subscriber?

    Please advise help for my understanding?

    Plugin Support Travis


    Hi @damndramaqueen,

    So if a user registers via BuddyPress this will not automatically enable them to have a membership. It will create a user for them and they may even be set to a subscriber role via BuddyPress but in order for them to gain membership access, the will need to checkout using Paid Membership Pro.

    By doing it this way it will change their membership level from None > The name of your membership level.

    Hope this helps!

    Hi Trav,

    Thanks for your info, the already registered test-members under MEMBERSHIP LEVEL is showing NON, and can’t access those restricted pages that already set.

    I switched the user CURRENT LEVEL to FREE-MEMBERSHIP, now is shown as FREE-membership in the PMPRO member list. Now it able to access those restricted pages, NICE 🙂

    Over all, I guess to say GOODBYE to the buddypress regstration/login form, but deal with PMPRO.

    Thanks for your big time help and understanding.

    Ops, one last help,

    My site has a Modal pop-out dropdown window is default to the register/login (buddypress form).

    Is there a PMPRO SHORTCODE for the registration and login form? I need to replace it with the buddypress..

    Please advise, Thanks,

    Plugin Support Travis


    Hi there!

    PMPro by default will use the WordPress login which falls under the I do not believe there is a shortcode for this.

    If you would like to create a frontend style login page, we usually recommend Theme My Login

    Let me know if this helps!

    Hi Trav,

    I read the Theme My Login reviews, there are many BAD reviews about braking their site, blocking, et, etc. Got me scare big time!

    Let’s try this, can you tell me which directory that hold the file(php) that contains the PMPRO registration/login form? Maybe I try to copy the codes, etc, or try something.

    Please advise,
    Btw Happy Thanksgiving.

    Plugin Support Travis


    Hi there,

    If you do not feel comfortable with trying out TML, then it is best not to go into that direction 🙂

    The login page is handled directly with the default WordPress login page i.e

    For the the registration page, you can make a custom page template and then duplicate the checkout.php page, found in wp-content > plugins > paid-membership-pro > pages > checkout.php

    For more information on making a custom page template that won’t be overwritten when PMPro updates you can read the documentation below:

    I hope this helps!

    Hi Trav,

    Thanks for your understanding on the TML.

    Ya, that sound like a great idea duplicating the file.

    If wasn’t for the extra buddypress registration/login modal pop-out life will be so much easier LOL.

    Anyway, I’m in the middle of doing other projects. Plz do not close this ticket, I will update in 3-4 days.

    Thanks you so much for your big time help once more!

    Hi Trav,

    Its been a while get back to you. finally got the BP registration tied with the membership level. Good to go!

    Big time smart developer helped out to completed it Thank God!

    My headache is gone. Happy Camper

    Thanks much for your great help!

    Plugin Support Travis


    So great to hear!

    Glad it is all sorted out 😀

    Now all you need to do is have a restful festive season! Hopefully 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

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