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  • Yes. Since updating to Buddypress 2.2.0, the subgroups no longer display unless using the group tree. 🙁

    A quick and dirty fix for that…

    The widget is still working, so just call the widget instead the text “No member groups were found” in the extension.php of the plugin


    <?php _e('No member groups were found.','bp-group-hierarchy'); ?>


    <?php the_widget( BP_Group_Navigator_Widget ); ?>

    So the “No member…” text will not be shown anymore, even if there are no sub groups but to show your users that there are no subgroups add %d to the nav item lable in the settings of the plugin.

    Any other suggestions for a better fix?

    Nice call Boris! Works like a charm. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing, Borisj. Your fix works well.

    what file is that located in?

    thank you so much borisj !!!!
    i just spent half a day on this, thinking it was my theme or something like that.
    Fix is dirty, but it works like a charm

    Perfect!! Thanks, @borisj!



    Thats only a temp fix, not the best way to handle it



    I just want to ask, Is the developer still supporting the plugin? Also is it working OK under the latest WP and Bp version?



    Yes, it only has a little bug if you are also using the followers plugin (they are not compatible)



    Just another thanx to boris for that quick and dirty fix.
    Works perfectly here too.



    I applied a fix for BP Followers from here
    which broke the dirty fix here in this thread to see the member groups.

    the same fix can be applied to the new fix.





    tried that fix but it still does not resolve the key issue.

    level 1
    =level 2 = group displayed in level 1 member groups
    ==level 3 = group not displayed in level 2 member groups.

    seen the thing about the widget.

    is there a way just to turn the member group list off?
    so can either use the tree or the widget

    or well just to get it to work?




    simple really

    just set nav item to
    blank, nothing

    stopped it from listing and having an option that was blank

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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