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  • Hopefully someone can give me a good recommendation here!

    I have a client who wants to create a Membership Directory on their website. They want listings of individuals and their contact information and they have a laundry list of items they would like this directory to accomplish.

    A few requirements:
    1) ability to upload new members via .csv file
    2) ability to export directory of members at any time into .csv file
    3) search function
    4) admin can mark directory profiles as either public or private
    5) give logged-in members the ability to edit their own directory entry

    I’ve tried working with the Connections Business directory plug-in, but I can’t export those members from the directory so it’s not going to work. I’m willing to explore premium (paid) plug-ins as well. Any advice?

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  • shazahm1


    Take a look at this, export for Connections. It is not point and click but is effective. This is pretty much going to be the base of a point and click version as an Extension for Connections.

    Maybe it’ll help.



    Forgive me if this sounds silly, but how exactly do I make this work? Do I have to do something from my hosting provider (database) end? Or upload this as a plugin?

    Also, Is this something that my client will ever be able to do on their own from the WP dashboard? Because that is really what they desire.



    There’s an instructions text file that goes over how to use it. Like I said, this is not point and click. It is a very bare metal script. Will you client be able to use it from the dashboard, no. Will they be able to use it on their own. That depends on the client. If you worry that they’ll make a change to some setting in the dashboard which breaks the site, then this will definitely not be for that client. If the client is a bit more technical oriented and can follow detailed instructions they should be able to handle it. Actually it is really not that difficult to use after it’s been setup.

    It seemed like exporting was you only roadblock so I though I would toss this out there as an option for you.

    For creating a flexible members directory you might want to look into Profile Builder.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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