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    Hi to everyone.
    I want to create a website that new member can register to my site and choose nationality(ex: italia, french, british,irish ecx)
    Till here is ok, but i also want to create a category for each field.
    So a person who is looking for a French persone, click on french category and it comes out all french members.
    How can i do it??

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  • Hey @dario23

    Do you wish to achieve this via custom development or the use of existing plugins?

    If the former, there are filters that will allow you to add custom fields to the user registration and profile edit pages, which can be stored as user meta data. Then a user query to display only users whose meta matches the search.

    If the latter, I suspect you’ll find there are a number of plugins that separately provide the two pieces you need (adding/editing fields, displaying based on field value), and possibly even one or more that include both – but you’ll need to some searching through the plugin repository to see which plugin(s) best suit your needs. As a random example based on a quick search of my own, you could use Cimy User Extra Fields and Dynamic User Directory.

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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