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  1. rsutton1223
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Here is what I am looking to do but I am not sure it is possible given my current configuration.

    I have a family of blogs that are each on their own subdomain due to advertising and content reasons, but all under the same brand.


    I am looking to scrap my current IP.Board install on community.bike198.com and transition to a WordPress/Buddypress install on that subdomain. I would like to allow my members on community.bike198.com to have their own blogs which I understand uses WordPress multi-site to get the job done.

    My question is...is this actually possible since I am already operating on a subdomain on that portion of the site?

  2. Yes. tho the subdomain will be a part of their blog addresses.

    So you can have Community.Bike198.com/blogname/ or blogname.Community.Bike198.com.

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