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  • Hi

    I was wondering if this is possible because I have not seen this in any cms.

    I want to have each section of the website to be accessible only if the user has the correct user level.

    In order for a user to get higher user levels and access new areas on the website or do things like post in forums or add downloads, etc…
    the user must answer a series of questions(a quiz) (1 question per page).

    Each question can have unlimited answers. Each answer can be assigned a point value. So if the user answers a question wrong they still get points. The points can be shown in their profile and in a top score page.

    Some configuration options could be to allow a series of questions to be only taken 1 time by each member or unlimited times.

    The answers to each question must never be shown, so users cannot cheat by creating more accounts to enter answers.

    So heres an example:

    User “Bob” wants to enter the download section but does not have access required. Bob sees a message to take a quiz to get access. The quiz has 20 questions. Bob gets 12 out of 20 correct but he does not know this. A message is displayed at the end of the questions saying “Sorry you did not qualify for access”. Bob received 12 points for his correct answers and that is added to his existing total. Bob moves up a few notches in the top scores page.

    So now the question…Why would you want to restrict access to areas?

    I want to make a website where only people who answer correctly can benefit from the contents of the website. Everyone else is denied access to the areas blocked.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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