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  • I am attempting to add the following to the Membee Login plugin.
    Membee Login Options

    Client ID
    Application ID

    When I save, the fields go blank and nothing is added.

    I had this same identical issue about 6 months ago, and it turned out the Plugin wasn’t writing to the MariaDB 10 database. I had to manually add the above info into the database.

    I did find the email I sent to someone at Membee regarding this issue, and I did exactly what I hate seeing others do, my bad, found the solution and didn’t document the fix so I could have a record for the future, well the future is here UGGH!! And forgot what exactly was needed to add to the database and where.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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  • OK, after a little digging in all the right places, I found the issue

    For what ever reason this plugin will not add the
    Client ID
    Application ID
    to a MariaDB 10 database, which I find strange since that is a direct plug and play for MySQL 5.5. But with that said if you are having same issue you need to do the following

    1) In the WordPress _options table Insert the membee_client_id in option_name and the value Membee will provide you place it in value
    2) Do the same and insert membee_secret in option_name and in the value what ever Membee has sent you.
    3) And the last Insert into option_name add membee_app_id and in the value add what ever value Membee sent you.

    That will get you going.

    Again the developers need to figure out why the membee values are not being inserted when you go to WordPress Admin > Settings > Membee Login and adding your values via WordPress, this is the second time this has happened on a MariaDB 10 database for WordPRess.

    Hope this helps someone.

    I had the same problem with a mySQL database. Not sure if this is the root problem but I found in the mvc/v.php file which creates the admin form, the form (about line 21) wants to post to a URL using the http:// protocol.

    Since my site runs on https and in fact forces all internal links to re-write to https, I guessed that redirects or some other incompatibility in posting using http might be the problem.

    OR – the settings were saved, but couldn’t be re-read, making them appear to disappear.

    I simply changed the hard-coded http to be https and voila! The settings remained displayed as saved.

    If it’s as simple as that hopefully it can be resolved and the plugin updated with the fix, since otherwise the next time it updates I’m probably going to be scratching my head trying to remember what I did to fix it this time.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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