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    Seems like a simple and straightforward plugin for what should be a simple and straightforward task, but the implementation is actually way too simple to be broadly useful!

    Can’t display just one factoid per day, but forced to list at least ten at a time — and can’t accommodate dates in antiquity: i.e., B.C.!!!

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  • Plugin Author BC


    Thanks for the feedback. Clearly you didn’t actually use this plugin, since if you did you’d know that there isn’t a minimum limit on the number of entries it displays. It displays all entries for “today”. That’s what it is designed to do and if there is at least one entry, it’ll be displayed.

    No it cant display entries before 0001-01-01 and not many plugins can unless the developer wants to code up date checking algorithms for those dates since they aren’t handled in php or MySQL.

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    I didn’t complain about a limit — I was talking about a maximum: “can’t display just one factoid per day”…the idea is that there would be a bunch of facts for, say, August First, but the plugin would randomly select just one to output for any given visitor.

    And not displaying ancient dates severely limits the point of such a plugin. Surely an algorithm for computing them is a fairly elementary intellectual exercise for a coder! Make a Pro version if you must (I’d buy it — I’d already donated US$10 for the relatively simple “Ad Blocking Detector” by John Morris), but these two features seem fundamental to this kind of a plugin.

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