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    Still wasn’t able to fix this after hours of trying so I’m hoping you can help me out with what should be a rather trivial issue.

    With both the ‘Food magazine’ and ‘Doctors’ neve starter themes I have the problem that the mega menu dropdown isn’t aligned towards the left side of my container but instead in line with the menu link itself as seen on this screenshot:

    With large mega menu this means that the columns on the right aren’t displayed which is why I assume this is not the expected behaviour?

    Already tried deactivating all plugins except the ones from neve itself, removing my child-theme templates and any other customizations I’ve made without success. When I setup a fresh installation of neve it worked flawlessly (although one thing I noticed is that on the new test installation using the customizer editing the header/menu shows a slightly different more modern looking interface where instead of being able to define the area across which the element like navigation gets displayed it automatically positions correctly which is why I assume this might have to do with it) so I’m clueless as to what causes this problem. Any hint in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

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  • Have you checked the Mega Menu support topics? I think this is rather a plugin problem than a theme problem.
    If you created your menu before you made the settings in the mega menu settings panel: are your sub-entries actually submenu entries? Maybe you just forgot to make the entries second level?

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    I’m not using any mega menu plugin but instead referring to the Neve guide itself on how to do it:

    Thanks for your help though!

    Oops, my bad. I hope the Neve support team will be able to help.

    Hi @julianri!

    Thanks for choosing Neve!

    Unfortunately I am not able to replicate the issue, it doesn’t occur on my test instances with neither the Food Magazine starter site – screenshot or the Doctors one – screenshot. In both cases the mega menu is correctly aligned for me. As you also said, it worked properly for you too on a fresh instance, so the issue should be linked to the configuration of that particular site. Please make sure you use the latest version of the theme and try to clear the cache. If this doesn’t help, please provide us the URL to your site so we can check the issue.

    Thank you and have a nice day!

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    Thanks for the reply! Took some time as I did further testing to be sure I didn’t overlook any obvious possible causes, without success though. At this point I deleted all plugins besides the Otter Blocks and Template Collection which come with your theme. Also deleted + reinstalled Neve itself from the WP directory and my child theme folder only contains the style.css which includes only this snippet:

    Theme Name: [Website title] theme
    Description: Child theme
    Author: [Website title]
    Author URI: [Website url]
    Template: neve
    Version: 1.0
    Text Domain: neve-child

    Therefore there aren’t any customizations from my part made to the theme and I cleared my cache as well, still if I activate my child theme the dropdown mega menu is misaligned as shown in the linked picture from my initial post.

    I was able to track down the issue to some extent when noticing that in the customizer, when Neve itself (the parent theme) is activated I get more options when making changes to my header (see this screenshot: ). Whereas when I activate my child theme, I’m getting what I suppose is the header options of an older version (see this screenshot: )? Since what I assume is the newer version seems to handle the sizing of each element within the header automatically this is likely the cause. So I’m wondering what could prevent my child theme from loading the newer customizer features when I basically removed any customizations made to the theme and reinstalled Neve itself to make sure it’s the current version?

    Already dived further into this without any luck so I hope you might have an idea which direction to explore in order to fix this. I really appreciate your help with this, thanks again. Here’s the URL to my project in case it helps:

    Hello @julianri!

    Thanks for digging deeper into the issue and providing the screenshots!

    The issue could be caused by the fact that, as it can be seen in the screenshots you provided and as you already noticed, you use the new Neve skin in the parent theme, but the old one in the child theme. This could be why the mega menu is not properly aligned only when the child theme is activated. You should migrate to the new skin in the child theme as well. This isn’t done automatically when updating the theme, so you should manually click on “Builder-Daten migrieren”.

    I hope this helps!

    Have a nice day!

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    Thanks so much! Kinda embarrassed for overlooking those clear instructions but glad to have this fixed. 🙂

    Note for others who might run into this issue: after clicking on the migrate button in the header settings, you also need to go to the ‘Style’ menu from customizer overview and select neve 3.0 there.

    Have a great day!



    Hello @julianri,

    Thank you for your reply!

    We are glad to hear that everything worked out and that the issue is no longer present on your instance.

    Thank you also for sharing your suggestions with the community!

    Have an amazing day!

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