• In theory, using the mega menu is a great option but as our team discovered there were some bugs that have held up two of our websites from going live.

    In short, the bug was that every few days the mega menu templates would display as expanded on the front end of our websites. We would be able to ‘update’ in Elementor which would temporarily fix the issue, only for the expanded mega menu to show up again in a few days.

    We seeked support by raising a ticket with Plus Addons, and granted access to our website so their technical team could help us. From there the ‘Senior Technical Support Manager’ proceeded to make changes that seemingly fixed this issue (only temporarily, which we were able to do ourselves).

    After weeks of going back and forth with their ‘Senior Technical Support Manager’ they seemed to become irritable and just continually tell us it’s a caching issue and it’s also caused by maintenance mode. We were able to replicate the issue occurring with both of these continually insisted ‘issues’ solved.

    We then paid a developer to help us solve what was causing this bug, but was unable to find a solution. For the last time, we talked to the ‘Senior Technical Support Manager’ and explained our serious situation and the fact that we might not have a choice but greatly disappoint our clients, not to mention the time we’ve spent trying to solve the issue. We were again dismissed after being told it was a caching issue on our end.

    Plus Addons has had full access to our site and was unable to provide a long term solution but continued to claim the problem was solved. It’s been wildly frustrating and as a web design studio that’s selling solutions like mega menu to clients for their website needs, it puts us in a shit situation.

    Would love help from someone other than their ‘Senior Technical Support Manager’ that could help us solve this. We currently have two sites ready to go live that we don’t feel confident in putting out to the world due to this.


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  • Plugin Author POSIMYTH


    Hello @techstudioau

    We have looked in to your ticket #4126 on our helpdesk. It’s issue of caching somewhere it might be from your side due to under maintenance plugin, 3rd party caching plugin, Server side caching, CDN or any configuration. It might be due to browser cache you are having on system or any configuration.

    Mega menu is one of the most popular widget of The Plus Addons and It’s used on Thousands of website from our 80,000+ Active websites. And, It’s 100% working fine either thousands of users wouldn’t be using that. Though, We can see it’s a conflict in your setup and we are there to help you out. We have responded on same ticket, Can you share your access there again with us? We will arrange help from our senior team member and guide you in depth about the reason and how to prevent that.

    We guarantee you, All your site goes live without any such cache issue. Let’s get in touch on same helpdesk ticket and we will figure it out together.

    Plugin Author POSIMYTH


    @techstudioau We are still on your issue and as per our discussion, It’s not a bug from our end; it’s something related to configurational. As It’s quite subjective and hard to regenerate that. We are waiting for that error to regenerate from long but we couldn’t till now. Would you mind updating above review if you would like to?

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