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    Hi there,

    We are looking to include a mega menu in our primary menu.

    There are a couple of solutions that I’m looking at (CSS only (preferred) or Max Mega Menu plugin) but both are presenting issues which need to be addressed.

    So, before trying to fix those, do you have a recommended way of adding a mega menu when using Twentig?


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    For information…

    The CSS method is based on this: https://www.prowebdesign.ro/fast-easy-wordpress-mega-menu-without-plugins/

    They warn about the mega menu being only as wide as the top-level menu item. This is the problem I’m experiencing.

    The advised resolution is:

    “It’s important to give position:static; to the top level menu item. This way, the absolutely positioned .sub-menu will span 100% of the width of the first ancestor container that has position:relative; . So make sure you give position:relative to the site header or any other container that suits you. If top level menu would have had position:relative; then the mega menu would be only as wide as the top level menu item.”

    This is where I run out of talent and need help from an expert!

    The website I’m testing it on is here: https://lighterhrstage.wpengine.com/

    Note: I’ve not put any other formatting on the mega menu at this time.


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    The website is on WordPress 5.9, TwentyTwentyOne theme v1.5 and Twentig v1.3.9.


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    Hi Richard,

    Unfortunately, we haven’t tested mega menu plugins, so we can’t recommend one. As for the CSS method based, I’m afraid it can’t work with the theme. This method requires putting a static position on the parent menu container but doing so breaks the header’s layout.

    Have a nice day,

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