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  • Hello all,

    I’m looking for a meetup type event management system to be integrated with a CMS. I’ve looked at Joomla, Drupa, etc. and have been underwhelmed as I can’t get a response to any event management post nor do I yet have software to do this!

    DotNetNuke has the closest thing but I can’t run on Windows hosts so I at least need something that runs on Linux, Linux and Windows is best.

    I seriously need some help here and I’m hoping WordPress + some plugins can do it, if so I’m up and running!

    Forgot to mention I’m looking for a system that will allow a registered user to RSVP to events set up by coordinators, receive an email confirmation of their registration (or any change in the event), allow the posting of comments regarding the event and at least allow the coordinators to generate a list of those people who will be at the event. If they can pay for events through this it would be perfect.


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  • Hey George,

    I feel your pain! I’ve spent months looking at Drupal etc to finally realize that people have already invented fire, all I had to do was to integrate their great work into my site…

    I suggest signing up for an account with EventBrite. They have every event management thing you need including setting up free tickets etc. You can run reports, reserve tickets, contact specific groups etc. Awesome. Just awesome.

    I have an account on eventbrite, I was really hoping to get this very basic functionality in my CMS. Amazing that it’s not included in anything – and thanks SO much for responding because honestly meetup like posts must be radioactive or something – I can’t get anyone to post!

    The reason I would like to have this in my CMS is to keep people on the site using it and active. I can install vBul, Event Registration Pro, etc. but they are nearly the cost of a year of so why go through the hastle?!

    Ugh, I didn’t think I was asking for too much but Eventbrite it would seem to be 🙁

    I guess the next question is what CMS do I use… 🙂



    If you have the resources (time and mojo) to develop a real CMS, Drupal is the way to go. The framework abstraction is brilliant. Not for the spoon-fed though and like all things which allow some folks to earn a living wage -filled with reticent mercenary-type developers. Well worth learning.

    I think the radioactivity is the shadow of: WP is a blogging platform that lends itself to styling, rather than data node abstraction. It is what it is and it looks good doing it. Just like Microsoft Windows NT back in the day when it was pimped as a server OS. Still makes me laugh. Years later, the emperor has a thong…

    When I spoke with EventBrite, they were very enthusiastic about solving my issues. I like them.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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