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    Hi! Just wanted to verify something.

    I have only upgraded on my staging site to the latest version.

    Question 1:
    Is it correct that, when I enter something in the meeting type for which there is no checkbox value, that this info flowes into the note box automatically?

    Question 2:
    When I wish to auto fill the URL and Phone number field for the new online meeting fields, are those the names of the CSV fields: url and phone

    Question 3:
    Are url and phone (new for online meetings) the names for the csv import of those values?

    Thanks for the hard work!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    A1: I’m not sure what you mean by “enter something in the meeting type for which there is no checkbox value”. All types are handled by a checkbox. Those are the only types unless you add one through your theme.

    A2 & A3: My goal is to look into the csv side tomorrow. The latest version (3.6.3) exports conference_url and conference_phone as Conference URL and Conference Phone respectively. I have not tested import of that yet.

    The other known CSV issues should be fairly easily taken care of and I’ll try (no promises) to get those into the next release.

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    Hi tech2serve,

    With Q1 I meant this: I do not see the ‘open/closed’ identifier in the checkboxes anymore. I am from Al-Anon and in the previous version of the plugin ‘Family and Friends’ and ‘Family, Friends and Observers Welcome’ were in the checkboxes. I do not see them anymore. I see that for meetings that did have those values in the checkboxes, this information is now moved to the notes field underneath the checkboxes. Is that a better explanation?

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    I do see ‘open’ and ‘closed’ and I will use those too, but in our organisation we just took those terms out because they were deemed to unfriendly and not clear. It might be that you took the Al-Anon descriptions out because the plugin is linked to the AA meeting guide app?

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    Thread Starter osnicky59


    Oh wait, the checkboxes changes per program. On my staging site I now see the familiar less extended checkboxes. However I also see that some of the checkbox info spills over in the notes box and it shows duplicate info. So I guess the csv import needs some attention?

    Conference_url nor conference url nor url work as csv column name.
    Same for the phone number.

    See screenshot here:

    Plugin Author tech2serve


    Hi @osnicky59,

    Yes, the check boxes do in fact change based on the program selected.

    conference_url and conference_phone export with 3.6.3. I’m still working on the mailing_address.

    I am not clear how info got into the Notes. Video conference URLs belong in the Conference URL field.

    Can you recap the issue you’re still having please? I’m not clear.

    And thanks for the screen caps. Those help.

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    My main issue is that those two names do not work (conference_url and conference_phone). Do they have to be in a certain place of the fields in the csv?

    Currently my csv fields look like this:
    “Time,Day,Name,Notes,Location,Address,Region,Location Notes,Group,District,Group Notes,Types,Conference_URL,Conference_phone”

    Do you see anything fundamentally wrong with this?

    The URL content looks like this:

    I actually do not have phone number but there might be a required format?

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    What version of the plugin are you using?

    I’m still working on csv import & export issues. As always, it is best to only use import when you first set up the database. We recommend leaving the database as your primary data source.

    You could try changing the conference-related headings to Conference URL and Conference Phone. Not sure that will help any but it might be worth a shot.

    The Zoom link looks fine to me.

    The phone number should not be required.

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    OK, I am not sure how to explain this in any other way. Let me give it one more try.

    What is needed to fill the 2 new boxes named URL and PHONE NUMBER in the latest version of your plugin from a csv file. I tried conference URL as a name and conference_URL and the values do not come through.

    Let’s not muddy the waters by talking about whether I should or should not have a need to refresh the complete meeting list via csv. My main data repository is not the website, but that is not the topic of my question. The CSV immport does exactly what I need, but it misses the two new fields created for the COVID online meeting information. That’s all.

    When I get a new group/meeting, I am adding it with the CSV import. When this new group/meeting has a zoom meeting, I would ideally like to be able to get the link for the meeting into the new URL field. Some meetings publish the zoom ID but require users to call an answering service for the password. So the field Phone, that is located right beneath the new URL field, could be handy for me.

    This is why I would like to know how to get those details in the proper field/boxes.

    I hope this explains it in a better way… 🙂

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    There is no code to support importing conference_url and conference_phone prior to v3.6.3, so if you’re using a prior version, you can save your time.

    In any case, CSV import is currently unstable. I’m testing code changes in conjunction with JSON feeds. Hopefully the next release will address your issues more fully.

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    Thanks for letting me know. I have successfully used CSV with the new version, as a by the way. Have not seen any instability at all.



    do you have the codes for each meeting type listed somewhere?
    I’m trying to utilize the online meetings, and would like to have a page showing just online meetings.

    for example, if I want to show all the Temporarily closed meetings, I append this to the URL ?tsml-day=any&tsml-type=TC

    But what type code do I use for Online Meetings?



    Try this

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    You can see the code when you select that type in the meeting list and after the results are shown, inspect the page’s URL. It will be in there.



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