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  • We have meeting listings that are now designated as “Temporarily Inactive” They are active meetings and I would like to remove this designation. But I cannot find this setting.

    I’ve looked in the Meeting Page edit screen but I do not see it. I hope it’s easy and it’s just me missing something. Can someone assist and let me know how to remove this designation.



    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Scroll to the botto of the edit page and see if there is a section that asks if the meeting can be attended in person, check YES box and it will repopulate your physical address. That may be the answer.

    This problem happens when you have online only meetings that do not use Zoom, e.g. GoTo meeting or something else that does not require a link (data in the URL field)
    If you don’t have a link in the URL field, and set the meeting to “no” for in person the meeting gets marked as “inactive”, which is incorrect!

    This is really a bug, because not all online only meetings use Zoom.
    There should be no connection between no URL and “no’ for in person

    The only workaround I have is putting in a fake Zoom URL, with instructions to ignore the Zoom information

    PS – see my workaround

    with the comment “ignore the Zoom link”

    If there are better suggestions I would love to ehar them

    @bart3293 – I did a test using my personal GoTo account from work. The link button text changes to ‘Join with GoTo Meeeting’.

    When I create a GoTo, it generates a link, just as Zoom, WebEx and any of the other on-line meeting platforms do. Do you not have the actual url link for the specific meeting? It will look like this: where the number is the same as your meeting ID.

    The test meeting is here:

    Let me know if that helps any. I’ll pull it down after you’ve had a chance to look at it.

    Thanks Trey – that worked! It was the URL syntax I needed, and somehow I kept screwing that up. I don’t have access to a Gotomeeting account for my own testing, so thanks for the test account as well.

    Still, if a meeting is online only, and somehow uses a tool that does not require a URL, say a phone bridge, I see no reason why the meeting should be set to “inactive”.

    If a meeting needs to be set to inactive it should be the website administrator’s choice.

    Thanks again for your help



    Glad that helped!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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