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    Hi, take note that the theme BlogLife now has a major update and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. The theme was completely rebuilt, new options have been added. The customize take place of the theme control panel, which allows you to see all the changes made in real time.

    BlogoLife became responsive and use the latest version of Foundation (v6) framework. Also the theme contains sources of .scss and .js that can be compiled through gulp.js, now developers and webmasters have a tool that will reduce their working time. Also we added three widgets areas in footer.

    I will strongly encourage you to use the Children Theme in case you made some changes.

    During the activation on the theme you may need to re-enable Main Menu and Social Menu, select Color Scheme and also to reorganize the widgets in the sidebar. In the section “Appearance” we keeped the older settings in Old BlogoLife tab in case you want to see the old settings.

    I wish you a successful blogging!

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  • I’ve been using the blogolife them for ages and have just updated this morning. I absolutely HATE it. I’ve lost my sidebar. My posts are all out of dimension and my carefully selected colours have all been altered.
    How can I change it back???????

    Apparently my sidebar is no longer available WTH?

    I’ve moved all my widgets to a new sidebar. Now the widgets won’t let me delete the title. It is not visually pleasing to see boxes stating TEXT WIDGET in the sidebar. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t want all my widgets to have a title.

    Also the featured image is now showing at the top of the post which wasn’t the idea at all

    Theme Author Valeriu Tihai


    Hi, bookangelmma,

    Yes, the dimensions have been changed to 1200px, the statistics show that most have higher resolutions than 1200.

    The version 2.0.1 you can download from here

    You need to add the widgets in new sidebar and now BlogoLife are three areas for widget in footer.

    Widgets without title – added to my todo!

    The featured image will remain unchanged in the next versions.

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    hi I just updated my blogo life theme I have lost major parts of my website- who can I hire to fix this? the person who set this up died. I am now stuck with no help-thanks

    Theme Author Valeriu Tihai


    how can I help you scottatbuildandtune?

    Hi- Sorry I wandered off.I now have my user name and password locked in. My website is I think I am using a blogolife_v20 theme. I must update to a reactive theme. Can I do this? which theme do I want? Do you have a premium theme? etc. Thanks- scott

    Theme Author Valeriu Tihai


    Hi Scottatbuildandtune,

    Yes you can install BlogoLife theme from, you will have 2 theme because the current theme is in the “blogolife_v20” folder.

    Yes, we have a premium version of BlogoLife


    hi $69 is fine.Sorry I do not understand. Why will I have 2 themes when I update? Is not the v 20 theme when the new one is installed? Is this premium theme the only one?(is there more then one choice?) Do you accept visa gift cards? OR is this a domestic (usa) purchase? Can you recommend anyone to do this job? Thanks- scott

    Theme Author Valeriu Tihai


    Hi, you have 2 themes because you installed like this, normally should be one theme. Our payments go through PayPal and Stripe, I think stripe accept visa gift cards

    Hi Ok I can do payment. Should I remove the original v20 theme? or was it set up wrong so now I must have 2 themes? OR when a theme is updated there are always 2 themes? Can you recommend anyone to do this? I cant.

    Theme Author Valeriu Tihai


    Hi, you can open a ticket after you pay and I will update/install the theme.


    Hi Sorry for the delay. Stripe says I must wait 7 days for first transaction. I will try something else.

    ok I finally updated my pay pal. Someone will not accept my card. I am guessing it is because it is a pre paid gift card. I can do western union or money gram. Let me know if either is ok. I f not I will give money to a friend and use his card. Sorry for this delay.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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