• I have used this plugin in the correct way.followed all the correct process.and yet it is throwing errors for few networks.and it does not show images in social media.you can never tell if the crone job is working….this is far too mediocre plugin to rely upon and their support is one of the slowest i have seen in 10 years.
    i have used all the possible combinations including putting the formats as values in html but every possible combination gives results which are without %IMG%.
    not enough instructions about using HTML so sometimes you expect to get you on New Line but instead the HTML is seen in the post.
    if they would have responded within 12 hours.i would have purchased it.

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    How do you know that the error wasn’t yours? Why didn’t you try to contact the plugin’s author about this by posting a topic in the plugin’s dedicated sub-forum?

    Try reviewing:

    I get errors of too much posting to stumbleupon and duplicate contents for blogger.
    but that is not the point.since i am using another plugin to import rss and publish it. it could give me these errors if there are same contents fetched from different sources and posted on the social media.
    but the problems are also with the scheduling of posting to social media and with the images.images just dont get posted to almost all the social media.
    even if i followed all the methods mentioned in the support,faq n help,it is not helping me.
    I had even offered to give them access to my site.But till now they did not replied.
    Maybe i will wait for few hours and contact them….

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