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  • Ok, I am going to try this one final time as I have looked everywhere for people to get on board and I have found 0 people so far, so it is kind of discouraging.

    I have a vision of starting a nonprofit website/charity that raises funds to help people who cannot afford a medication refill. This is specifically targeted at people with mental health issues, because running out of medication can put them in the hospital or in some cases kill them if they go off cold turkey.

    So, I need help designing and customizing the site. It is a word press blog, and I have also put up a forum where developers and designers can talk.

    What do I need?

    Word Press developer, does not need to be in depth, but someone who understands wordpress and can customize it.

    Word Press template modifier. I have a design I want to use, I just need help modifying it.

    Graphic Designer, I have an idea drawn up for a logo, but I am open to someone who can do better.

    I appreciate your time. I cannot do this alone or I would. The reason being, I am on these meds for an illness and it has caused memory and concentration issues, so I really need people who can commit to some time to make this happen. As a bonus, you will recieve credit on this site in a prominent place for your work.

    One final note, I need content contributors and bloggers.

    Thank you,


    send me a pm if you are interested.

    Please understand one thing, this is a charity I am forming, I am adamant about the fact that I will never profit from it. I hope you will contribute to its success.

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    1) There are no PMs here.

    2) If you want to hire someone, post on

    Otherwise, these are volunteer support forums, so you get what you get.

    and what is wrong for asking here? I am trying to start something that will help people, that is volunteer as well, is it not?

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    Yes and no. It’s part of the odd grey area where you’re not saying “I need help setting up an email form” but instead “I need people to help me!” and that’s really a broad subject that doesn’t engender itself to much useful help.

    This is one of the few times I’d say to post your email (I really never do) and I’ll close this thread. If people want to help, they’ll contact you.

    close this thread?

    Hey Man,

    Go ahead and delete the post. All I am trying to do is do something that helps people and I wanted a decent site to do it with. I needed a few different people who could devote a few hours of time to help me get it up and running, that is all. I would do it myself but I am not able to right now.

    I have been in IT for 15 years before I had to give it up. Everyone has always gone on and on about how wonderful open source is because they contribute to free software blah blah blah. Well, anytime I have ever tried to work in the open source community it is honestly no better than windows or any other software that costs money.

    Word Press is a really great piece of software, and easy to use out of the box, but the people who are a part of the community……….

    Delete the post man, I will do it on my own somehow.

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    Not delete. Close, as in not allow more replies.

    If you post a way for people to contact you, though, that would be best 🙂 This is just in that grey area between advertising and hiring :/ And since I can tell you mean well, I thought it would be better to talk to you then just close it outright.

    (Sidenote – DO post on – You can hire people for ‘free’ after all. Just be upfront about saying you’re looking for a volunteer.)

    Thank You

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