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  • Hello .. I’ve been testing the thumbnail cropping from Media settings – within WP admin it all appears to work fine, cropping takes effect and the thumbnails display the new re-cropped versions .. however on the public site the thumbnails revert to rescaled versions of the original, so its broken. The biggest clue I have so far is spotting that re-cropped thumbs have an extra bit added to the filename like:
    So is my theme, thumbnail function, missing these re-cropped versions and reverting to the original? Do I need to add support in post-thumbnails?
    >>>>TwentyTwelve is the same, it doesn’t support re-cropped thumbs<<<<
    Any suggestions please? TY

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  • I’ve now used this hack to make the newly cropped thumbnail replace the automatically cropped image, thus it has the correct path and filename – but WP-Admin is the only place this will show; my post-thumbnail is reverting a rescaled full size image.

    So, I have the_post_thumbnail(); included in my category.php – it works perfectly using automatically made thumbs, but if I manually make a new thumbnail crop in Edit Media it breaks down, at which point my thumbnail reverts to the full size version. Even the though the thumbnail path/filename is identical?! (filename-150×150.jpg)

    Again – I’m doing this in my own theme, but switching to TwentyTwelve has exactly the same result – automatically generated thumbs work, manually generated thumbs break and revert to the full size version.

    Going round n round in circles here .. anyone got any advice?

    Thanks for deleting my other thread, whoever that was – that was not a duplicate; it was a simplification since that thread was theme specific – this problem occurs on the default TwentyTwelve theme .. does this feature work or not?

    “Posted 8 hours ago” I’ve spent the majority of the day trying to figure this out, you can’t blame me for wanting a reply of some kind.

    I can’t even get my installation of WP 3.5 to resize/crop any images when I upload them. Very frustrating, very hard to find other people with the same issue or any sort of solution. You’d think they’d do a bit more testing before they release these new versions…

    Well this feature obvious works because I can see tutorials and comments from people that have it working. I’ve gone back to basics; a brand new install of TwentyTwelve, and this problem is there. Cropping appears to work within Admin, but breaks down on the public side.


    (Resize on upload: I use a plugin to do that, and I control it with post_thumbnails in functions.php – but this problem above has nothing to do with my themes; this is about default wordpress)

    If you are using any plugins, you need to deactivate them to troubleshoot the problem, including resetting the plugins folder.

    See also:

    Please Yogi, read my post again …. properly ..

    I am using a brand new test install with Twenty Twelve active – nothing else. Yet: “automatically generated thumbs work, manually generated thumbs break and revert to the full size version.”

    Any ideas please?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    It is possible to have a new install of a theme and still have other plugins activated.

    Did you see the troubleshooting masterlist?

    Hi Andrew, yes, since I began making themes about a year ago I soon realised I had to have sandboxes, pure test installs, I have 4 WordPress installs for that purpose alone:
    1/ is to test wordpress alone in its simplest form
    2/ is for testing WPEC alone in its simplest form
    3/ is for testing buddypress in its simplest form
    4/ is to try my themes on a default instal of wordpress

    Just trying to show that I do understand ‘trouble shooting’ .. and I’ve been coding html/css professionally for over 10 years ..

    So back to stage 1 – In the default TwentyTwelve theme with a default installation of the latest version of WordPress – I get this problem detailed above ^^ Cropping isn’t working properly for me. It shows cropped within WP Admin, but thumbnails revert to a rescaled version of the full size upload on the public side. I can’t put it in any simpler terms. Thanks.

    Here’s a nice simple question:

    My image is: DSC_0010.jpg
    Initially it works perfectly and my thumbnails are labelled: DSC_0010-150×150.jpg

    If I then crop it using the EditMedia page it does appear to work, if I “Inspect Element” on the thumbnail image in Admin it is labelled: DSC_0010-e1358644486273-150×150.jpg

    When I go to the public site and look at the thumbnail its reverted to a rescaled full size: DSC_0010.jpg

    Should my public thumbnail be labelled: DSC_0010-e1358644486273-150×150.jpg ??? Is that extra code/number required?

    So far, i’ve never seen a manual crop work, so I don’t know….



    Forum Moderator

    I’ve just tested this in Twenty Twelve and I cannot replicate your issue. Are you sure that you are applying the image edit changes to all image sizes?

    Hi Esmi, no I’m using:
    Apply Changes to: Thumbnail

    “Thumbnail Only” – because this is about manual cropping of thumbnails, for when automatic cropping looks bad/wrong.

    According to WP Admin pages it works perfectly – the “Current thumbnail” is cropped correctly and labelled with the extra code. Its only the public side which is broken ….

    I have two test posts, both manually cropped thumbs, both broken on category pages: broadsands dot com / wp4

    Login with admin:admin
    Look at the thumbnails in the Media Library list, as these work. Click on Edit Image and you will see the manually made thumbnails are done.

    The one place within Admin that they do not show; is Featured Image for the post also displays a resclaed full size version; not the thumbnail.
    I wonder if its something to do with thumbs/featured-image confusion..?

    TY …

    Any ideas? I’m stuck .. and its a mighty important feature .. ty

    This isn’t very intuitive:

    Surely this would make more sense?
    the_featured_image(‘thumbnail’); // Default 150px square
    the_featured_image(‘thumbnail_medium’); // Custom 300px square
    the_featured_image(‘medium’); // Original aspect ratio 300px wide
    the_featured_image(‘large’); // Original aspect ratio 624px wide
    the_featured_image(‘full’); // Original image

    When cropping “Thumbnail Only” it should apply to all the thumbnail versions of the featured_image, of which you might use the square 150px default thumbnail, and a custom square 300px thumbnail_medium within your theme – if required you would use “Thumbnail Only” cropping to fix the square crops that don’t look right. Thumbnails are square, and small, that’s where the name comes from. Do you not think? Or am I missing somet? It’s taking me many hours of head scratching to understand the logic of this.

    HELP!!! I am tearing my hair out and going INSANE over this issue!
    I hit Edit Image, and see the Aspect Ratio setting.. I set it to 1:1 and drag the crop tool over the images… Then I hit the “crop” icon, select the radio button that says “Thumbnail only” and …Perfect! It previews beautifully. I hit “save changes”. When I go to the gallery, the thumbnail does not appear. What I see instead is merely a downsized version of the full image. So I once again, clear Safari’s cache to no avail.

    This is the point where i go back to the support forums in hopes of finding a fix for this. I see zillions of complaints on the forums for this problem, but no real solutions. Anyone?

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