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    Hello there,

    I have found this plugin really usefull. I am really happy how it is working. But I experimented mistakes when I use the mediathek for uploading.

    I want to have my images order by categories, that is easy and works fine. Then I want to make an article and I proceed to upload some images. I have to cases:

    – I use the worpress texteditor and the fileupload button. Everything looks and works as I think it must be. I have the dropdowns for categories and so on. See the image in the link

    WordPress fileupload

    – But when I use the SimpleFields fileupload button, some stuffs are missing in the mediatec library. The searching is displayed but the dropdowns and the leftside column are missing. See the image in the link. This error is repeated in some plugins I have already tried.

    Simplefields fileupload

    I would really appreciate some help about this problem. I need be able to use the categories in this field as well. It would make the task for the editors easier because they handle high number of images already.

    PD: I am pretty sure the conflict is with this plugin. After I have tried several media library plugins. As “Media Library Assistant”, “NextGen Galleries”, “Media Category library”

    Thanks in advance, greetings….

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  • Hello again,

    trying to find where is the error I have experimented I contacted also the author from Media Library Assistant. He has reply


    ********* Begin *************

    I’ve done some testing and have an answer, but I regret the news is not good.

    I disabled the Media Library Assistant plugin and discovered that the “filter dropdown” fields do not appear with the default WordPress media uploader either. I looked through the Simple Fields source code and discovered this comment:

    // TODO: how do i get the filter dropdown?? i think i’ve tried everything!

    It looks like this is an issue with Simple Fields and has nothing to do with MLA. You will have to work with the Simple Fields author to get a resolution for this problem. It looks like the new Media Uploader is giving many of us some trouble.

    Thanks again for your interest in the Media Library Assistant. I’m going to mark this issue resolved, but please let me know if you have any other problems or questions.

    ********* End *************

    Maybe it can help

    Plugin Author Pär Thernström


    Yes, Simple Fields uses a very simple and plain version of the uploader. But it would be nice to have all those other funky stuff, so I’ll take a new look at it. Thanks for the info and feedback!

    Also having the same problem.

    I tried adding standard WP-categories to my media like this:

    But this had the exact same effect.

    Hi there,

    I have solve the problem of the dropdowns in the pop up media window.

    KnutSv try this:

    In the plugin folder open scripts.js and go to the line 66. There you see.

    frame: ‘select’,

    change it to:

    frame: ‘post’,

    Ready! Greetings…

    Plugin Author Pär Thernström


    Can anyone confirm that this is working with the latest update?

    Hi there,

    sorry it was not that easy. It worked to bring the right mediaupload with the categories and so on, until there looks cool. But when an image is selected it does nothing. So I spent a little bit time to see how was the action onselect and I managed to make it work at all.

    I did it in the Version 1.4.5. now I will check it the last version accepts those changes.

    I have not the time to post it right the way. But I will. I promise.


    Ok I have upgrade to last Version 1.4.8 and I set the changes I have made and it works fine. In the script.js see the line 80. The next two functions should look like that:

    my.media_frame ={
                state : 'mystate',
                className: 'media-frame simple-fields-media-frame',
                frame: 'select',
                multiple: false,
                title: _wpMediaViewsL10n.mediaLibraryTitle,
                library: {
                type: 'image' // image | audio
                button: {
                    text: _wpMediaViewsL10n.insertIntoPost
                id: 'mystate',
                title: 'Medien hinzufügen',
                priority: 2,
                toolbar: 'select',
                filterable: 'uploaded',
                library: my.media_frame.options.library ),
                multiple: my.media_frame.options.multiple ? 'reset' : true,
                editable: true,
                displayUserSettings: true,
                displaySettings: true,
                allowLocalEdits: true,
                button: {
                    text: _wpMediaViewsL10n.insertIntoPost
                //AttachmentView: ?

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    Then the uploader appears with the dropdown filtering in the left side. Next step will be to bring the option “upload from url” to the left menu. Like the normal WP uploader.

    The plugin I use for media categorizing is call “media library assistant”. Hopefully it gives no problem with other similar plugin.

    I hope it help. Cheers…

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