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    I have my own blog built on wordpress, and happened to note errors on the browser console.
    which point to the file
    myblog->included script
    The issue seems to be a syntax error with the author not having opened a comment block appropriately.

    var mejs=mejs||{};mejs.version="2.22.0" ......
     * MediaElementPlayer
     * Creates a controller bar for HTML5 <video> add <audio> tags
     * using jQuery and MediaElement.js (HTML5 Flash/Silverlight wrapper)
     * Copyright 2010-2013, John Dyer (
     * License: MIT

    On browsing to the plugin page, I found that this plugin was last touched about 4 years ago!

    1, Why would wordpress need this unmaintained plugin
    2, Who should be contacted to get this syntax corrected – Simple fix

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    This is included by wordpress core in script-loader.php btw. I just want to know why the need for an unsupported/unmaintained plugin

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