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    I am currently working on a website (http://www.gamerguidance.com) that will allow users to view game guides, create there own and have access to other content to the like.

    Currently I'm having issues with creating user profiles, user guide creation, the media page and full integration of all login and registration (as well as excluding all use of the wordpress dashboard.)

    The media page is meant to be simple, set up by top viewed and made in categories based on the videos topics, sort of like youtubes organization. I guess my question is, is there any plug-in or solution for this? (which I'm sure there is but I have yet to be able to find one)

    User Profiles: something that seemed like it would be simple but I have only been able to find something such as buddypress which is not the solution I'm looking for. I haven't been able to find much surprisingly for this area and was wondering if someone or several of you would have plug-in/code recommendations.

    Guide Creation: I want the user to basically be an author which is built into wordpress, but have a integrated creation process such as the website http://www.mobafire.com which may be able to be accomplished by simple code or even a plug-in but how or what plug-in is where I'm stuck.

    Integrated login: Theme My Login is currently the plugin im using but the profile page seems to not work with my theme and I'm looking for more of a form page for registration and the removal of the dashboard option. I basically want the user settings/profile options to be completely integrated in the website. Any plug-ins or coding to guide me would be extremely useful.

    Any help of any sort, whether its suggestions or even changes would be greatly appreciated.

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