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  • When I try to upload media, the “An Error occurred in the upload. Please Try again later.” message appears.

    The media still uploads to my media library, but I cannot access it from a post (thus I cannot insert it into a post or use it as a featured image, etc).

    I have been through the forums. I have been on the phone with my server changing files and whatnot.

    I have uninstalled plugins and disabled them. Nothing has worked.

    If I can go back and un-update to 3.5 I would.

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  • I recently had this issue and it was related to mod_security.

    I would check with your webhost to see if they have any issues with mod_security and WordPress uploads.

    I too am having this problem since updating to 3.5. Help!

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    I talked to my webhost and they basically told me they can’t do anything for me until WordPress fixes the problem… I guess I will be calling back again tomorrow.

    I had some problems with 3.5 and what solved them for me was deleting the wp-admin and wp-includes folders and uploading fresh copies of all of those files!

    I am having the same problems. Ugh! My blog is useless right now. Can someone help?

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    Jme, how do I even do that? I have no previous experience with website building which is why I use wordpress instead of something complicated. I thought I had it figured out but with 3.5 it seems to be messing quite a bit up.

    Do you use FTP at all? You would need to login to your site via ftp, delete the wp-admin folder, upload a fresh copy of that folder and then do the same for the wp-includes folder.

    I do not sue FTP. Would this not help me then?

    If your web host doesn’t support WordPress, I strongly urge you to find a new host. With 50 million+ sites running WordPress, every host out there should be working with WordPress and making it easy.

    Any half decent host can easily host WordPress.

    Jimmy – No you could also do it via your hosting control panel (most commonly, cPanel) using their file editor.

    My site does support wordpress. It worked fine up until recently. I assume it involves the update to 3.5.

    I checked with my host. That’s not the problem. Too many people are having this problem right now. Need a solution.

    Hey I had a similar issue and also made a post. This is what I have been getting:

    I tried the script, plugins deleted, database erased and a fresh install, nothing worked. Turned on VPN and I’m up and running… It worth a try.

    How did you do that?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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