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  • After painstakingly working through my plugins one by one I find that the wp-ContactForm plugin breaks the media uploader. When the plugin (latest version) is activated, the media uploader gives me the “Are you sure you want to do that?” “Try again” page. Trying again simply loads the Write page into the box.

    Deactivating the plugin fixes the problem instantly.

    Posting this to help those who have a similar problem…

    It is a nasty break – I do rely on the very useful Contact Form.

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  • Whoa, this is exactly what I was looking for! The stupid things been driving me nuts on why it wouldn’t work – I was using the Contact Form as well. Sigh….guess I’ll have to find something else, or hope that it gets updated or fixed or something? Thanks for the tip!

    Looks like there is a fix:

    Wish I’d found it before I also painstakingly worked through my plugins. It was literally the last one I tried. Nobody suspects the contact form!

    I have been having the same problem ever since wordpress introduced the flash uploader. Wp-Contactform does conflict, if I want to upload something, I keep having to disable the this plugin first.

    Looking for an alternative now to wp-contactform – any suggestions welcome.

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