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  • Hello! 🙂

    I’ve been using the MP6 Admin UI for about 2 months now. I’m really excited about having this for all sites. However, there are a few small things that really need to be fixed up a bit. I know the list is huge, but here are a few small things that really could use some love:

    Media Uploader. (currently, it’s pretty much impossible to add a gallery or images with the upload media button in the TinyMCE editor. This would really be helpful if possibly the uploader would expand to full screen, and not be a fixed position, so the window can be scrolled properly, and multiple images can be added to create galleries.)

    Turn text links into nice fat buttons (Juiz Mobile Admin achieved this and was extremely user friendly since a lot of the buttons with class & ID’s were styled to be very nice and clickable buttons)

    A lot of the WP Admin elements are still a bit clunky and scattered. I truthfully would be pretty happy if most elements could be 100% or 50% widths to make it easier for clicking with a thumb.

    Some of the Checkboxes collapse completely when deactivated.

    The Menu icon in the WP Admin Bar floats above the bar when the phone is held in a landscape position, and is often hard to click to expand the off canvas menu.

    It’s too bad that the WordPress App for android and iOS devices is so poorly developed. Most of the functions should be available to the user, but at the moment, its pretty much impossible for my clients to make posts from their mobile devices, and hence, they continue to use facebook and other social networks. Does anyone possibly know of any better options for posting to their wordpress blogs from their smart-phones? I’ve also test out the Fedora WordPress App, but it lacks many important options such as galleries.

    Thanx for all of the hard work. I hope that the MP6 plugin will become a standard and eventually work it’s way into the WP Core.

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