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  1. rseabrook
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I upgraded to 3.5 last week and discovered that I could no longer upload files via the media uploader or from the post editor. I have tried many of the solutions suggested here, and I can't get any of them to work for me.

    The site is hosted by GoDaddy.

    What Happens:
    When I try to upload a photo, either a message saying "HTTP Error" appears above the upload form, or the uploading progress bar turns into an error saying "IMG_NAME has failed to upload due to an error
    Failed to write file to disk." Which error occurs seems to depend on the size of the image: Small files get the failed to upload, larger ones get the HTTP Error.
    Using the browser uploader gives an "Internal Server Error" with any file.

    What I Have Tried:
    Deactivating all plugins and reverting to Twenty Twelve theme.
    Doing a fresh install via FTP.
    <IfModule mod_security.c>
    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off
    to the .htaccess file.
    Setting permissions to 755 for wp-content and uploads.
    Setting permissions to 777 for wp-content and uploads.
    Increased the memory allocated using define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');
    Set the temp dir using define( 'WP_TEMP_DIR' , ABSPATH . 'wp-content/' );

    I pretty much did everything I could find that had to do with 3.5 media uploader problems, but nothing has worked.

    I would really appreciate any suggestions or other help.

  2. rseabrook
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I found another error which may be helpful. When trying to connect to Jetpack, it says "Your website needs to be publicly accessible to use Jetpack: site_inaccessible Error Details: The Jetpack server was unable to communicate with your site [IXR -32300: transport error: http_request_failed Couldn't resolve host 'luellajune.com']

  3. leejosepho
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I once got scolded for sharing this, but I now bypass all of that brokenness by uploading via FTP and then using the Add From Server plugin to register my uploads.

  4. rseabrook
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Well it does work quite well. Thanks for the tip. I would still like to find a solution to get the media uploader working if possible.

    Update: Jetpack connection began working a bit ago. Didn't do anything, just tried later and it worked. Still no media uploader though.

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